Guide to GWM in South Africa

Great Wall Motors (GWM) entered the South African vehicle market in 2007, launching with single and double cab bakkies, and in doing so, tackled one of our most competitive segments.

GWM South Africa offers five models with an array of specifications on each, with the Steed range being their most diverse line-up.

Designed and built in China, GWM vehicles are exported across the globe.

GWM regularly competes in motorsport, specifically contending in the Dakar Rally in partnership with Haval Motors. They achieved their best results (sixth overall) in 2012 and 2013.

A Brief History of GWM

Founded in 1984, the company, named after the Great Wall of China, is China's largest SUV and bakkie manufacturer, along with sister companies Haval and Wey.

Following GWM's initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, the company became China's first private automotive manufacturer to go public. Success followed as GWM garnered 2% of the Chinese automotive market share in 2010 and surpassed one million vehicles sold in 2016.

Although it's still a young brand compared to others in the automotive sector, GWM is making excellent progress and is partnering with other leading brands such as BMW to produce electric vehicles, and MINI in China.

Front side view of a white GWM H6.
Back view of a red GWM M4.

Buying a GWM

GWM have 66 dealerships and service centres across South Africa with a support network shared with Haval Motors. Here's a look at the vehicles they offer:




Crossover SUV

Steed 5


Steed 5E


Steed 6




GWMs sell in smaller numbers compared to other models in their segments, according to the NAAMSA Vehicle Sales Reports. However, the company's increasing presence in South Africa indicates that it is by no means struggling.

Best Selling GWM Models

The GWM M4 is a quirky crossover SUV aimed at younger customers looking for a compact vehicle that is capable of venturing off-road while still offering a comfortable ride in the urban jungle. The GWM M4 model has proven to be so popular that it was rebadged as the Haval H1, and both are sold in the South African market.

The GWM M4 offers loads of standard features to persuade potential buyers. The budget-friendly SUV comes with daytime running lights, Bluetooth, reverse radar, and a car-locating system.

Powered by a 1.5 VVT-i engine, which delivers 71.3kW and 138Nm of torque, the nippy M4 offers a combined fuel cycle of 7.2L/100km while producing 172g/km of CO2 emissions.

The GWM M4 retails from R172,400.

Front side view of a blue GWM C20R.
GWM Steed 5 interior showing dashboard and steering wheel.

GWM Safety and Insurance

GWM has taken great care to ensure clients can rely on parts availability and aim to reduce waiting times by establishing a parts warehouse in Durban worth R150 million, according to GWM South Africa. They also have a pre-delivery inspection facility in Gauteng which carefully assesses all newly imported models.

GWM South Africa does not have an in-house insurance option on their vehicles but do offer warranties and service plans on new vehicles. If you are looking for GWM insurance, simply use to compare several car insurance quotes within minutes.

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Information provided for informational purposes. Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing this article.