Guide to Jeep in South Africa

Camping, sunset drives, fresh air, and off-roading. These are some of the words you might associate with Jeep vehicles. And with the introduction of various new and modern family vehicles, Jeep is showing that their vehicles are just as capable in the urban jungle.

The first Jeeps were created for a specific use – as military vehicles for enemy observation. While modern models are sporty and adventurous, the brand doesn’t partake in motorsport but does sponsor some events and series such as the popular Jeep Ironman.

A Brief History of Jeep

The first Jeep, as we know it today, was produced in 1941. Built for military use, the lightweight vehicle dominated most terrains. After World War II, the mass production of Jeeps began. One of their earliest passenger vehicles came with seven-passenger seats and was made specifically for the American family of the 1940s.

The company was purchased by Chrysler in 1987 and continued producing vehicles under the licence of Chrysler and expanded partners. Among those partners were Mahindra and Mitsubishi, under whom they built their CJ-3B model between 1953 and 1998.

American Motors (which later became Jeep Eagle Corporation) partnered with the Republic of China in 1984 to form Beijing Jeep Ltd, an automobile manufacturing company producing the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) model.

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Buying a Jeep

Jeep South Africa currently has six models in their range, each focused on their trademark SUV capabilities.

Current range of Jeep models in South Africa:









Grand Cherokee






Models currently available on the Jeep South Africa website.

Their entry-level Renegade model is their most compact SUV yet, with the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee showcasing Jeep’s modern approach to urban living. Their iconic Wrangler and Unlimited models are still ideal vehicles for the adventurous, a trait which made the Jeep brand so famous.

Jeep models are on the higher end of the pricing scale, because they are purpose-built to be highly capable off-road machines; those 4X4 features come at a cost.

Service and support in South Africa is available through Jeep’s partnership with the Fiat Group, allowing for a wider support and dealership network in South Africa.

Jeep Wrangler

The best-selling Jeep model varies, as it often depends on whether or not they launch a new model. At the time of writing this article, the Jeep Wrangler outsold all others to claim the top spot on their rankings, selling 16 in August 2018 in South Africa.

The Wrangler Sahara is a purpose-built machine capable of amazing off-road feats. Skid plates, washout interior, and the Command-Trac 4X4 system make it tough and durable. It boasts a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine, producing 209 kW and 347 Nm of torque. It retails from R658 900.

The Wrangler comes standard with a three-year/100,000 km maintenance plan and warranty.

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Jeep Safety and Insurance

Jeep vehicles can be pricey to insure, considering the purpose and base cost of the vehicle. Service and parts costs also factor in here, so remember to take this into consideration when looking to insure a Jeep.

The most affordable model to insure will likely be the Jeep Renegade, a mass-produced, entry-level vehicle.

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Renting a Jeep

If you plan on taking a road trip through the country, few vehicles are more suited for it than a Jeep. Rugged, durable, and extremely capable, you can explore paths unknown in one.

If you plan to rent a Jeep, you may struggle to find any in mainstream car rental companies, though. They aren’t financially viable to stock, but there are adventure-focused agencies catering to those looking for off-road vehicles like Jeeps.

For information on other South African vehicle manufacturers, visit our car buyers’ guide.

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