Your Guide To Volkswagen South Africa

Volkswagen (VW) South Africa is among the automotive manufacturers that enjoy great success locally and internationally. With several years of producing sales-leading models in various segments, VW is a massive player in the car industry.

With a rich history in motorsport, production challenges, and a few scandals, VW presents a unique and entertaining story.

Brief History of Volkswagen

VW was established in 1932 by the German Labour Front in Berlin, Germany. Due to the German automotive industry catering solely for wealthy buyers, there was a push to build the People’s Car. The German Labour Front formed a team that included Porsche founder, Ferdinand Porsche, to help German citizens gain access to affordable motoring.

The famous VW Beetle was created by this team with a few design elements required by the party leadership, including the need for an air-cooled engine to prevent the engine from freezing.

In 1946, VW entered South Africa to develop its brand and business through the creation of local manufacturing and assembly plants, mostly located around Port Elizabeth. The Volkswagen Port Elizabeth manufacturing plant employs thousands of South Africans and produces several models that are sold locally and internationally.

Brief History of Volkswagen
Buying a Volkswagen

Buying a Volkswagen

Volkswagen boasts several sales-leading models in each segment. According to Naamsa Reports, the Volkswagen Group South Africa is among the top two best-selling automotive brands in South Africa, with thousands of models sold each month.

Naamsa also reports that VW’s Polo and Polo Vivo models enjoy leading sales, frequently featuring in the top five best-selling cars in South Africa, and regularly selling over a combined 4 000 models monthly.

Volkswagen offers a range of popular models across segments, including the premium hatchback Golf, Passat sedan, Up! city car, Amarok double cab, and the Tiguan and Touareg models in the SUV segment.

For those seeking commercial vehicles, VW also offers a range of light and heavy commercial automobiles.

Volkswagen Insurance

If you buy a VW, you’re likely to find competitive car insurance quotes easily, due to the popularity of the brand. Be aware, though, that some VW models could be a higher risk of theft than other makes of cars, so you may pay a higher insurance premium for these. If you’re looking for multiple quotes, take a few minutes to compare and find the best car insurance deal for your Volkswagen today!

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Volkswagen Insurance
Travelling With Your Volkswagen

Travelling With Your Volkswagen

Great for long road trips around South Africa, many VW models are comfortable and spacious. If you hire one through a car rental agency, models such as the Polo and Polo Vivo are popular, as they offer numerous features. Generally, they’re economical, reliable, affordable, and well-equipped, making them ideal for car rental companies.

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Volkswagen Models

The best-selling Volkswagen model is the Polo, with the Polo Vivo coming in a close second. The Polo offers first-rate specifications and quality at a reasonable price, relative to others in its segment.

The entry-spec Polo Trendline boasts a TSI engine delivering 70kW @ 5 000 r/min and 175 Nm of torque @ 2 000 r/min. Fuel consumption is low with a combined cycle of 4.5l/100 km. The interior offers a premium design and a high-end infotainment system comes standard.

The top-end Polo GTI model boasts a powerful 147kW TSI output @ 4 400 r/min and 320 Nm of torque @ 1 500 r/min. This is all transferred from a smooth six-speed direct-shift gearbox.

Depending on your taste, you can pick optional extras on all Polo models.

The Polo Trendline retails from R240 700 including VAT, with the top-end Polo GTI retailing from R381 500 including VAT.

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Volkswagen Models - Polo

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