Guide to Volkswagen Polo in South Africa

Compact, evolutionary, and consistent, the ever-popular Volkswagen Polo is a regular on South African roads, with thousands sold each year through their extensive dealership network. The design you see today is the result of years of in-house development. The Volkswagen Polo was introduced as the more affordable alternative to the VW Golf, which is their premium hatchback model.

The Volkswagen Polo model is available in both hatchback and sedan versions, with varying specifications and trim options.

Volkswagen achieved unrivalled success with the Polo after it won the 2010 World Car of the Year award. It shares the title of best-selling passenger car along with the Polo Vivo in South Africa. It also helped rally driver, Sebastian Ogier, win the FIA World Rally Championship drivers' title four times between 2013 and 2016 with the Polo R WRC car.

A brief history of Volkswagen Polo

The Polo dates back to 1975; the Polo Mk1 (Mark 1) was the first of the always-fashionable car, which is currently in its sixth generation.

Throughout the years, the Polo model has been sold as a rebadged version of other Volkswagen-built cars, such as the Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, and Audi A1.

The Volkswagen Polo’s success has been astonishing, with the model being a regular feature on NAAMSA’s lists of best-selling cars in South Africa.

Buying a Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen South Africa offers an in-house car financing service, which allows customers to rent, purchase, and lease vehicles.

Volkswagen also offers a guaranteed value on certain car deals. This ensures customers can return their vehicle to Volkswagen after a set amount of time or distance travelled, and get a guaranteed purchase value, depending on certain terms and conditions.

The VW Polo can be purchased from any Volkswagen dealership in South Africa or by visiting their website and requesting a quote on the specific model you desire.

The Volkswagen Polo is available with several specification packages, with the Trendline being the entry-level model and the GTI being the premium version. All models include a set of basic specifications, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, park distance control, and stylish interior, while optional extras include the rear-view camera, blind spot monitors, and trim details.

Performance-wise, the Polo has a 1.0L TSI engine delivering 70kW and 175Nm of torque while using 4.5L/100 km on a combined fuel cycle. Power is managed through a five-speed gearbox toward the front wheels.

If you're not yet looking to buy a Polo but would like to test one out for a few days, you can hire one from most car rental services.

The Volkswagen Polo Trendline retails from R249,900. The Volkswagen Polo GTI retails from R394,500.

Vehicle finance for your VW Polo

Volkswagen Polo warranty

Volkswagen South Africa provides warranty plans under the name AutoMotion for their Polo models. They offer optional warranty, service, and motor plans that cover the vehicle for a specific time or distance travelled. Each warranty is unique to the model and can be viewed on the VW SA website or by visiting a dealership. Additional service plans are available as well.

Volkswagen Polo insurance

Vehicle insurance can be taken in-house through VolkswagenSure, which is the company's own car insurance offering. This includes shortfall cover, which pays the difference between what you owe on the car and the insured amount you are paid out when the vehicle is stolen or written-off.

Compare their insurance with other car insurance quotes online using our car insurance comparison tool.

Due to the high theft risk of Volkswagen models, car insurance prices might be negatively affected and could result in a higher premium. Volkswagen is listed as the most stolen car brand in South Africa, according to the Vehicle Theft Report 2019 by Ctrack, the car tracking and recovery agency. It's for this reason that it's a good idea to shop around and compare VW Polo car insurance quotes to find the best price.

Get car insurance for your Polo

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Information provided for informational purposes. Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing this article.