Guide to Ford EcoSport in South Africa

This small and nimble little SUV has become a big player on the South African automotive market in recent years. Following its local launch in 2012, the Ford EcoSport has cemented the Ford name in the compact SUV segment and helped create a new fanbase for the brand.

Designed to be smaller and lighter than standard SUVs while still offering all the benefits of extra loading capacity and off-road capability, the Ford EcoSport does it all.
Built in Brazil, India, Russia, and Thailand, and assembled in South Africa, the Ford EcoSport is a true family vehicle capable of much more than you'd expect from its size.

A brief history of Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport was unveiled in 2003 as a subcompact crossover five-door SUV for customers who wanted a lightweight and more affordable SUV.

Oddly enough, even though it was designed by the Ford team in the United States, it wasn't sold in North America until 2018.

Similarly to the United States, South Africa only received the second-generation Ford EcoSport, which launched in 2012. The updated model featured a redesigned exterior and interior, added features, and updated safety technology.

Ford EcoSport details

The EcoSport features a unique exterior design that showcases Ford’s interpretation of a crossover SUV. Sharp edges and sleek styling create a modern and aggressive design with typical Ford details such as the large grill.

The EcoSport was designed with four engine types so it can navigate various terrains. This means it’s a pleasure to drive in the city and can handle itself off-road. The raised ride height also ensures it can clear larger obstacles.

The EcoSport features Ford’s SYNC 3 system on selected models. This is an intuitive infotainment system that connects your phone through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or AppLink, essentially turning the 8-inch touchscreen into a mobile phone.

The most notable engine option is the 1.0L I-3 EcoBoost petrol engine, the same engine that won the 2017 International Engine of the Year award in Stuttgart, Germany. Light, economical, and powerful, this engine ensures the EcoSport can deliver decent performance while remaining economical.

The 998cc three-cylinder engine produces 92kW and 170Nm of torque, emits 123 g/km of CO2 and has a combined fuel cycle of 5.4 L/100 km.

Finance your EcoSport today

Buying a Ford EcoSport

Ford assembles vehicles in South Africa, which is great news for owners when it comes to parts availability. The Ford EcoSport can be purchased through any of the Ford dealerships across the country; visit their website to locate your nearest one.

Ford offers in-house Ford Credit Financing, which provides flexible terms and mileage options for customers looking to build a financing plan that fits their budgets.

The Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi Ambiente 5MT retails from R258,200 while the 1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6MT retails from R298,500.

Ford EcoSport warranty

Ford offers a comprehensive four-year/120,000 km warranty, a corrosion warranty lasting five years, and three-year/unlimited km roadside assistance. A service plan also comes standard and is valid for four years/60,000 km with service intervals every 15,000 km.

Get motor warranty cover to keep you going after 5 years

Ford EcoSport insurance

Ford offers insurance policies with added features such as credit protection, deposit protector, and extended cover. This covers the vehicle against theft, hijacking, and accidental damage. Credit protection covers you if you still owe money on your vehicle and you suffer permanent or temporary disability, retrenchment, critical illness, or death.

Many Ford vehicles are high-risk for theft and hijacking in South Africa, according to the Ctrack vehicle risk report. Keep this in mind if you're considering buying an EcoSport, as it may negatively affect your premiums. Your best bet is to compare multiple vehicle insurance quotes before committing to one.

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Information provided for informational purposes. Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing this article.