What does Medical Aid for Pregnant Women cover?

Medical schemes offer comprehensive or hospital plan cover to expecting moms to provide for their medical needs. If you have comprehensive cover, your essential antenatal consultations as well as in-hospital childbirth are covered, whereas if you have a hospital plan you will need to cover the costs of any out-of-hospital expenses. It is important to find the best value for your requirements. Look for the best benefits at the lowest price, without compromising quality. This is why it is helpful to compare Medical Aid quotes from a range of different providers.

Having a comprehensive Medical Aid plan will ensure that your consultations pre and post birth, as well as the birth itself is covered. Depending on the scheme, the full rate for any specialist consultation may not be covered, in which case you will have to pay the difference yourself. Having a hospital plan will ensure that your in-hospital childbirth is covered but you will have to pay for any out-of-hospital expenses.

Depending on your chosen Medical Aid plan, your newborn will automatically be covered upon their birth as long as you inform the Medical Aid and complete the relevant forms as soon as possible for them to adjust your rates.

What happens if you’re pregnant and you don’t have comprehensive cover or a hospital plan?

While a medical scheme cannot refuse to accept a pregnant woman who applies for cover, the current pregnancy and childbirth won’t be covered. This is why it’s always best to take out Medical Aid while you’re still young and healthy and are able to contribute enough to your policy so that when you fall pregnant, you are well and truly covered. Compare quotes online to find the best policy to suit your needs.