Your Business and the CIPC

Doing business admin is a bit like going to the dentist — nobody enjoys it, but it has to be done. The good news is that you can pay someone else (to be clear: that’s us – and we’ve partnered with the amazing TTT Financial Group) to take the hassle out of dealing with the CIPC which, if you were wondering, is a regulatory authority that oversees the registration, regulation and administration of companies and intellectual property rights in South Africa. We offer easy online business services and speedy turnaround times on Annual Returns, Director Changes, Address Changes and Company Deregistration.

Address Changes

Your business address isn't just a string of numbers and a street name; it's where dreams are forged and copious amounts of coffee are consumed in the pursuit of success. And when you change addresses, you have to let the CIPC know because it's listed as the point of communication between your company and theirs. To make it official, you'll need your company registration certificate, the new address and the postal address (if it's different). We can handle the whole process on your behalf for R250 and offer a speedy 10-day turnaround from receipt of your documents.

Register a Change of Address Now

Director Changes

In the ever-changing corporate world, it's not entirely unusual for a company's board of directors to undergo a lot of changes, and you'll need to keep the CIPC up to speed on every entrance and exit. Why? It's for legal compliance and to promote transparency and accountability. Sound like an admin nightmare? Then you've come to the right place: all you need is a registered company, directors' certified ID documents (not older than three months), a special resolution and a bit of help from us and our partner TTT Financial Group. The best part? It'll only cost you R500, and we offer a speedy 15-day turnaround from the moment your documents are received. How's that for efficiency?

Register Director Changes

Annual Returns

Let's kick things off with some great news for anyone who runs a company: you can now calculate and file your CIPC returns online, saving you time and a lot of hassle (and btw, we offer a three-day turnaround on the process). Easy peasy! It doesn't matter if you run a private, public or non-profit registered company, you'll need to file an Annual Return; think of it as a regular check-up where you let the CIPC know about your business's financial and operational health.

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