Bucket List Destinations

Here we have asked a range of people to list as their best destinations. Before we get to the list, remember that arranging travel insurance may not be on your list but it’s still a great idea.

 Bucket List Destinations



1. Maldives
Island holidays are my favourite and, from what I've heard, the Maldives offers one of the best experiences out there. The resorts are unreal and the diversity of marine life is almost unparalleled. 

- Sebastian Roland (social media manager) 

    2. Antarctica
    Antarctica, on a cruise from Ushuaia in Patagonia, tops my travel wish list. I imagine Antarctica to be stark and unforgiving in its scenic beauty. With humpback whales, Empire and King Penguins, waterways to explore and glaciers to hike on. I know for sure that getting up close and personal with this pristine wilderness would feed my every sense and leave me changed, for the better.

    - Dawn Jorgensen (travel blogger: The Incidental Tourist)

    3. Bora Bora
    Bora Bora is my must-see destination for many reasons. The coldest temperature throughout the year is 23°, the water is clear blue and waking up in the middle of the ocean is incomparable.- Abigail Germany (account executive)

    4. Isimangaliso, Kwazulu-Natal
    My favourite destination is iSimangaliso in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Its balmy climate and untamed beauty, with coastal forests pouring over golden sand dunes, wild warm waves and incredible wildlife, make it a naturally magical experience for the senses. 


    My favourite experiences at iSimangaliso include snorkelling through rainbow coloured fish, watching a just-hatched turtle as it makes its way into the ocean safely, drinking sundowners on the banks of the lake while hippos wallowed nearby, and the beautiful smiles of the local people we met. Its name means 'Place of Miracles' and it's perfect for this unspoiled part of South Africa.

    - Joy-Anne (travel blogger and contributor to The Portfolio Collection) https://twitter.com/portfolioSA

    5. India
    India should be on everyone's bucket list. Why? Because it drenches the senses - colours, smells, sights, sounds and tastes. Nobody goes to India and comes back the same person. Rajasthan and Kashmir are my favourites - but you'll have to visit yourself to discover why.


    You’ve heard all the accolades, the oohs and the aahs. How these fantastically beautiful islands are the haunt of the rich and the famous from celebs to royals. All the clichés – heaven on earth, paradise, nirvana, bliss. Well, it’s all true. I think the Maldives may be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    - Kate Turkington (acclaimed travel writer: Kate Turkington.com or follow Kate on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Turkington.



    6. New York
    It's undoubtedly the capital of everything possible. The sheer size of the city and the variety of people and communities living there create a 24-hour buzz of life and culture. 

    - Andrew Brauteseth (Guy with a camera) 



    7. Space
    My bucket list destination is space. I would book with Virgin Galactic to go up into truly virgin territory and steal snacks from Brad Pitt (who's also supposed to be booked in already) because what are they going to do,  . . . pull over and kick me out? I think after a lifetime spent on Earth, I wouldn't mind my final trip being one that puts it all in perspective for me.

    - Warren Kings (content specialist)



    8. Vatican City 
    More for the architecture and art than religious reasons. Seeing Michelangelo’s frescos on the Sistine Chapel ceiling is something I want to be able to say I’ve experienced. I’d also like to visit the Vatican Library for the fact that it holds one of the most noteworthy assemblies of ancient texts, as well as St. Peter’s Basilica as it’s the most well-known work of Renaissance architecture.

    - Adam Vernon (PPC account manager)



    9. Fiji Islands
    In my last moments, I’d like to be on the Fiji Islands. Since I love the rain, the weather is great for me. The ocean is nice and warm, while the coral reef and the sea life are beautiful as well. I’d feel peaceful here while I have a chat with God.  

    - Ruan Smit (outreach manager)


    10. Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush Mountain Range
    I’d like to visit Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountain range. It would be cool to see the landscape that's been fought over by various tribes since the beginning of time and bordered only in the 20th century.

    - Stuart Bothma (graphic designer)



    11. Portugal
    If I could visit one place only, I’d go to Portugal for the Boom Festival. The festival boasts five music stages, visual art exhibits and even a water therapy and massage area. Who wouldn’t want to go?

     - Esti Strydom (account manager)


    While these destinations are scattered around the globe and each have their own unique charms and attractions, they all have one thing in common, and that is travel insurance. Without it, you could be exposed to many mishaps and unfortunate incidents – so take it out and protect yourself from things such as loss of travel documents, medical expenses and cancellation of flights.

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