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A woman without a handbag is like a solider without a gun. The thought is inconceivable – imagine all those unpolished lips. They say that clothes maketh the man, but most women will admit that handbags definitely maketh the women!


A handbag is a woman’s secret weapon, a necessity, a cherished travel companion and a treasure chest of intimate relics. Unfortunately, it’s also eye candy for criminals. 


Falling prey to a handbag snatcher is not only a frightening experience; it’s also a huge inconvenience. Here are some tips to make sure that your handbag and all its contents stay out of harm’s way:


  • Be aware of your surroundings and carry your handbag close to your body, tucked in the bend of your elbow.
  • Carry your handbag on the side furthest from the road. Never let the bag or strap hang loosely.
  • Make sure your handbag is fastened and zipped at all times
    • Minimise the amount of cash that you carry in your handbag. Rather divide your cash between your pockets and purse.
    • Never leave your handbag on your passenger seat when driving. Rather place it under your seat or in the boot of your car. 
    • When seated at a cinema or restaurant, always make sure your handbag is either on your lap or between your feet. 
    • Never leave your bag unattended
    • Always wear your handbag with pride but never flaunt it (even if it is a Louis Vuitton). You never know when there are unsuspecting handbag thugs about.
    • Make sure not to leave your car keys buried in your handbag so that you stand around scrabbling for them - this only attracts unwanted attention.
    • Pepper spray, like other self-defence aids, can be a useful tool to carry in your handbag. However, never depend on any self-defence tool or weapon to stop an attacker, rather give the thug what he wants, and run.

If you are a victim of a handbag snatching, do not fight to hold onto your bag. Report the incident to your local police station. Also, make sure to cancel all your credit cards and put a block on your cell phone.

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