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fast and efficient excellent well done!!



Easy to use
To the point (much like myself)
And informative.

it was fast and strait to the point of understanding.

Easy to use and excellent response time.

Excellent, understandable, excludes King Price I see


Excellent service


Very efficient and helped a lot with clear guidance and clear instruction

simple and easy to use. The exploratory notes & FAQ were beneficial

Fast feedback except for a funeral policy it is limited to clients under 65. Suggest this should be noted against all insurers on the list as some are. I would appreciate a list of funeral policy providers who provide cover for someone aged 67

very helpful. thank you

very helpful

Quick and easy,excellent service.

Quick and easy with no obligation.

All the questions are so clear and understanding to me

Good service was rendered

Straight to the point questions


Fast easy and convenient. Love it

It was really helpful tank you

easy and quick service in a world where time is money

Excellent service!!!!
I had a quick response to my inquiry.
Well done!


The question regarding uninterrupted claim free insurance periods as per your site, is not a fair representation of cover, as explained by the actual insurer representative

Very fast and efficient very impressed thanks.

Great help thanks took the pain out of hunting for quotez5

You are efficient indeed!!!


Quick, accurate and very reliable

always room for improvement

I put in my id number like 10 times an it says its invalid.. why..

Thank you

Fast and easy questions and very good self-service, thank you wery much, excellent feedback, very accurate too!

Great experience, easy and quick to use.

quick and efficient

It was so quick and easy. So awesome!

Quick & easy to use. Excellent
Experience. Thank you

Hippo is the best seller

they respond fast


Easy and convenient.

good service

it was fast and effective, and i did get the best quote as was promised on the MANCAVE Show on SABC3

Very easy and accurate

Immediate response from the service provider.

i got helped and the insurance is reasonable

I got a fast response from the selected insurer and you saved me so much time and money by finding the insurance I was looking for. Thank you. Meyerton. Gauteng

got what i needed

Accurate quotations provided

Quick and user friendly!


Quick and fast response that I required as a customer and delivered to my satisfaction

The website is a nightmare as it wont accept my ID number and you have to go back and forth . How long does it take for the insures to respond as i have had no feedback yet

Fast and easy to use.


Call came immediately after clicking "I'm interested"

the service i received was excellent and qiuck

It was a very good experience it just bothered me that I had to repeat everything telephonically that I entered online.

I thought that you were going to give me quotes from most of the insurance companies instead you gave me few and the quote was only for myself I did not have options to choose whether I wanted a quote for myself or a family funeral cover quote.

Easy and Quick

Excellent service and the Agent called me within seconds after I have pressed the button.

The service is excellent. I received feedback immediately. Just love it.

Thanks for help

Easy and helpful to those who are new and looking for the best price

Easy to use and it guide you to get what you want

you are the best

it gave me options to choose from and it took less time as I thought.

Found reasonably priced comprehensive car insurance with Dial Direct through Hippo.

Fast and efficient service

It was fast and accurate.

Excellent service provider, your estimates were accurate too.

Very efficient and quick. Helpfull service.

The service was excellent and quick. It helped me make an informed and important decision in a short space of time, i also had assurance that the decision made i will not regret.

its good and fast.

It was so easy to get what I was looking for,,thank you hippo

Quick and easy

Thumbs up!

its really good though i dont like posting my address online since its not quite safe. otherwise im happy and it quick. thank you hippo

quick and efficient


service was good

Service is excellent


Quick and fast and very easy, consultant was great got to the point quickly and efficiently.

Great and excellent service

great site for the exact things you need. thank you for this service.

brilliant quick service,thank you Hippo

fast information and prices to compare.

Perfect variety of options to choose from - included all basic information required.

Good service

Easy to use quote system. Included all the necessary info and benefits with comparisons from 11 different providers.

Great website

Lekker maklik

Everything was great

very helpfull and very fast whould recoment to everyone

Exceptional service, very knowledgeable consultant, courteous and pleasant.

Very helpful and extremely fast reply from service provider I selected.

Die diens is baie vining en mens bespaar baie tyd.


The response time was quick and the service was excellent.

Great service. Quick to respond. Good job

its very helpfull

it was very fast and efficient

Great service Tx Guys

Your website is user unfriendly - whoever developed the back-end should be fired - it seems very buggy. The front end is not much better - clicking "add" buttons didnt work? Otherwise time will tell if the actual service was good.


Not bad but, you indicate quotes for financed cars - my car is paid for in full.
I would like an updated quote please

Very good

I got a call from the Insurance company immediately after I submitted my details - wow great service!!


Used Hippo for the product requirement. Received a call from the supplier within the hour. Now my problem is that the supplier hasn't lived up to their end, as I'm still awaiting fitment, but that is something else.

Hippo helped me with different company that sell insurence and i was greatful to choose the one that suit me thank u

Brillant service!

Quick and efficient but expensive quotes

ease of use

Saves you time and money

the site was a bit buggy. it kept on asking me to enter occupation and choose from list. even when I cimpleted it correctly.

also. the im interested and more detsils are too close to each other. I hi the im interested button by mistake.

this is a great service though. love it.

Great service and quick response

Good job thanks so much

Easy to use. Quotes generated quickly.



Response was quick and on point

Quick response

Accurate quote !Easy peasy!

I did not get the option to chose more then one quote

Good service, quick on responding

Thank you Hippo for your excellent service & thank you DOTSURE for your quick response. I will recommend Hippo to all of my friends!!

Great experience and easy to get quote

I'm impressed with the service

I don't like that my number is shared with everyone


Samual get back immediately with an answer...great job!

Hippo is awesome, but the companies that phone you are quite irritating! They take too much time to get to the point. 20 - 30 minutes on the phone is way too long!!!!

Getting quotes online was quick and once I selected the cover that I wanted, the agent called me in less than 5 minutes:)

It was easy to access and quick the response...

Excellent Service. Dial direct contacted me with a few minutes and quoted me.

Quick and detailed quotes per Insurance company.

Excellent and ver effective.

The Service was precise ,very quick and convenient ,Response was acquired immediately.

Its not all Travel Insurance Companies . Some I Havent even heard of

Quick and easy


Never imagined it would be so easy! Quick and effortless - I would however recommend that an option is given to state what time will suit best to call the applicant.

Excellent service. Got a call from Budget insurance in less than 10 minutes

Should should do this review when I get a satisfactory insurance quote.Not final yet

Quick and helpful, easy to use...

Quick and very efficient.response was excellent.big ups

Excellent service from the lady that called me ...

the service was so quick and compiled a list of vehicle insurance that I can compare and choose from.

Excellent response, very good service

It feel good to have easy and convenient service hippo it's giving to us "users" of Internet

Life insurance from absa instant life and funeral insurance from 1life

fast and painless

for the quick response

There's something wrong on your page where one enters your personal details. My birth date is 05/05/83 and my license was first issued 30/04/2002, but I couldn't get past this page without lying about my birthdate - I had to make it 05/05/81!

I managed to get a car insurance at a premium dats suits my affordability

a quick respond exactly what I was hoping for as im using work e-mail address during my lunch break , thank you very much .

I love this service! it gives me exactly what I am looking for with the relevant information. It saves so much time!

Friendly and informative and able to answer all my questions. Thank you!

I saved time and money perfect combination

Easy to use and time saving.

Happy with you.

I think that hippo makes it easier for me to look at plenty options at one time. It allows me to take my time in the choices they give me, and Im not flustered by an operator asking me spot questions that I am not at times able to answer there and then. And the fact that it is free, is simply amazing....

Very efficient and reliable!!!!!!! Thank you I got help regarding my quote instantly!!!!! I love hippoo

So efficient and clear. I then negotiated with my current insurance company as they were on your list of quotes and got them to reduce what I am paying. Thanks hippo.

Fast and easy too, the insurance company also contacted me soon after. I got a great premium.

Excellent service


great service

Very efficient and reliable.

The best service rendered


The consultant was friendly,knowledgeable and have time for the client and gave to ask questions.

The response time on quotes and following up is excellent. Hope the company that I choose will also be so quick to contact me.

easy and quick

Great Help

I received a quick response from the insurers and affordable prices to chose from.

Thank you very much Hippo, my life insurance is sorted out...

I thought it was going to take time but it was as quick as a bullet

Keep it up!!

Your site is very good and helpful. Easy to use and time saver

quick efficient

Great service, I will just await a call from the insurance company.

Was very quick. Didnt take long at all. If it wasn't even 2min.

Great experience, was just seeing you on TV and never thought the job you do make life simple for us who shop around for insurances.

Until I encountered this frustration with insurance and spoke about it to my office colleague, You know in a very simple and polite voice ,He said"; You don't have to stress, shop around, go to Hippo website.Hahaha

It was easy and simple.

Thanks to Hippo, you deserve a Bells

Good customer service, quick response. Everything was explained clearly.

Excellent Service

Awesome experience, quick and efficient.

It was very helpful

Your service was excellent it was quick and easy and pain free thanks

it was easy and quick. loved it that way because I don't always heave the time.


Quick and easy, what we all need in our busy lives!
Thanx Hippo!

Loved how quick the response was and precise to my request. Thank you.



very prompt and helpful

excellent feedback...... thank you

good service, keep it up

Very fast and convient and response are quick which I enjoyed . Thank you

Painless and timesaving

Excellent service

Quick and immediate response.

You are quick

Very fast and user friendly for old folks

Service was really great was pleases with the service i received from the consultant response was quick

Quick results and cheap.

Very helpful!

Very easy to use and convenient everything in one place...

I think hippo is the best

The servicr is really good and i hope it continues

Hippo was really helpful and the estimates where quite accurate.

Great service

Hippo made my decision so much easier. Hippo narrowed my preferred choices in minutes from 500 medical schemes to 6 options. Thank you for the free service!


Quotes were exceptionally easy to obtain & move to required service provider contacting us.

Easy to use. Great tat on getting the quote.

It is a quick way of getting basic information.

excellent turnaround

Efficeint service

Good experience

Easy,painless and quick.

Very impressed.

Good and helpful.

exactly as promised

Quick, efficient, to the point information.

good , quick and efficient response, thanks

Very easy and helpful. Prompt response, Thank you.

I thougt t will take me more. Time

Fast and thorough and so easy

very convenient.

Very satisfied,made my choice so much easier.

i was interested but another company called me other than the ones I needed for feedback.

hippo has assisted me to get the best insurance for my phone

So convenient


easy to use

excellent and quick response

Good comparison in shortest space of time. It will be good if more Insurance Companies can be added to the list

Excellent turnaround time.

The car dealer forward my contact to various service providers.
Then I used Hippo as a search option!
All in all Hippo is the best
Thank you

The application process is quick and simple to complete. Results were received almost immediately. A pleasure to use.

It was quick and easy to use. I didn't battle with any aspect of the application and it was extremely informative! I will use it again for sure.

Great experience. Easy to assess the competitors and make a decision.


excellent service

excellent service.

Quick and efficient service

excellent service. I got more than 5 quotations and that exceeded my expectations.

Easy to use, than you!

excellent service

Easy to use , immediately found what I needed and was insured within a few hours .

Slower response than most. But I'm happy with the quote I got

good service

User friendly and convenient

Quick response with relevant information.

I still have not received a call from the tracker guys.i don't know if they take their business serious or what.could you please give feed back in regards.

tried several times to get to final quote amount stage - had to keep inputting lengthy data a few times and it was not calculating

quick, easy, no hanging or having to wait for page to load. Efficient.

Excellent service, more convinient way of finding car insurance quotations

it was very interesting and the level of service is excellence,i would recomend it to my friends

Quick and easy, got a call from the recommended company in less than 5 minutes .

Great service.

User friendly and quick.

I would have liked to request more than one quotation but was only able to request one to be sent to my mail.

Good app and easy to use, I got everything I wanted
I'll recommend it to other users who need insurance and other stuff

Prompt response and excellent service

Very impressive and user friendly.

fast and easy way to can help

Fast and effective

very easy to use

fast reliable. its an important tool

Excellent service. I got quotes within minutes and converted that to cover within 45 minutes ( 40 minutes was the call from the insurer to finalise my exact requirements). Great stuff. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for helping me you service is fast and reliable. Keep UP the amazing work.

It was easy and fast and very helpfull,thank you

great service.

Awesome service ! Ok definitely Be using HIPPO again!

quick resonse

Very good

Very happy with the service. Thank you it made me make my decision sooner than expected

Great work in love has gave life insurance that I needed

you good to have you online keep up good work

Speed of the service amazed me

Compared the leading companies to the best of what fitted my budget at a very fast speed, even sent me an email to show me the compared quotes before i chose a suitable insurance company.

The service was very satisfactory.

Quick and easy steps to follow, results received within seconds!!

Quick and easy to use.

Excellent service.

Quick and efficient. Great user interface and astonishing accuracy

The responds was professional andgood advice given

Excillent. Fast and efficient!. Literally the fastes way to see results

The service was quick and very helpful.Thank You

hippo is the best they give you an option to choose for your pocket

The search was very helpful - with lots of various suppliers to choose from. The one negative we never received a phone call from the one chosen for a quote.

The service is awesome. Absa called me promptly on Monday and the consultant was well versed in the product on offer. Hippo you are humongously accurate and prompt. Grow bigger:)

Service was fast and good.

The 2nd page of the process only allows you to select one supplier to get in touch with. I'd like to be contracted by more

Good day,

I was happy with the prompt response from Hippo.


The application was quick and easy, even the service was excellent

easy as pie, everything is nice and straight forward, very helpful.

Fast Service good results.

Very efficient and quick

Good service

easy to use

Thumbs up

user freindly and very helpful

Julle diens is puik en skakel onnodige soeke na verskaffers uit.

Excellent service and very satisfactory

Thanks to Hippo of found an affordable insurance option that met my individual needs. I love that I was contacted so quickly.

Hippo is user friendly ??

The best

Good over all. The website was slow today.

Easy and professional. Excellent communication

Great service i really feel that you put in much effort in attending to each person.keep it up and your consultants are web is easily accessible

A quick an easy way to compare quotes. Extremely convenient!

Quick and easy.

The product that I was offered was slightly different to what I was shown on the Hippo site..

fast and reliable, thank u

your service is the best, instant comparison fro different companies is just awesome, and I got what i was looking at the end.

Great experience had with hippo. Dealing with Ryan was a pleasure, he was well knowledgeable and extremely patient! Thanks

Quick response once I submitted my request for comparison


speedy help and good service

Pleasing site to use, easy to use. Thank you.

Excellent and efficient system. I've already received a call from my prospective insurer. Thank you.

You are very easy to use and convenient, plus the website is nice and I just could not stop browsing through it.

I thought I will be able to sekect more than one company I am intersted to.

The vehicle tracking companies offers the same amount for premiums for similar packages.

Quick and easy


Thank you


Good Service that facilitates a relative quick change of motor insurances

I just loved the quick response and the way it is so easy to use the website

It Was A Great Experience And I Enjoyed

I found that the web site was a bit confusing when trying to add additional types of insurance - it was only available when adding the first car. I could also not get back into the edit car function.

Fast and accurate, a easy tool to use when looking to buy short term insurance.

It was quick and very helpful. Now I wait to see the end result .

quick response

Comparison Quotes should be relevant to vehicle type i.e. add more quotes with higher warranty amounts - meaning Engine amount to exceed R30 000 etc.

straight forward and simple to use. Not time consuming at all.

No complains. Thank you

Good service, Would have liked more detail!

Great app to use. Quick & efficient. Only downfall, not being able to go back to edit info for resourcing quotes. Must enter details in full again.

It was okay, didn't really go as expected.

because im happy about ur service

it was quick and i would be using it more in the near future.

great service indeed, quick and easy


Efficient service. Impressed!


Service was very quick and fast well done guys

I thought gonna be a long process

Good service

Quickest response

Got help very fast. Thank you hippo!! I am definetely going to use hippo again.

services are exceptional

Works Brilliant. I will surely recommend this to another person.

Prompt response.

Good experience all round, though more insurers can be included. Website a bit slow though.

good variation of insurance quotes

Service are good but the line were not clear and it was hard to hear what was said, but still the lady did her best


Good service!Loved the quick response, polite and friendly service!Will definitely recommend your services to someone else!

Very easy to use

good service. please call me back regarding the quote

it is easy and fast

Easy to use and insurance company phoned back almost immediately. Quick and efficient service. Thank you.

Good service and very quick and xonprehensive

easy to fill in and fast feedback

Got what i looked for in an instant ! Thank you Hippo

Easy to use, prompt response from insurers.


it was really easy!

Excellent and very helpful thanks

Quick and easy

Quick service

Easy & simple to use.

An overall professional and friendly agent.

Very exceptional prompt response. Keep up the good work. Will encourage others to utilise hippo.

Thank you for your services.

Excellent website and easy to fill out.

quick good

quick and painless and time saving

i thought that i was gona be provided with more details about the policy.

Speedy response

Service was useful to return quotes albeit a bit slow when returning to change some of my details.

Very easy to use and user friendly

Quick & easy


very quick and competent

Good service. I'm impressed



I found what I want, thanks for your service. Good stuff

Fast and efficient. The one stop go to place for when life happens.

The service was efficient and had the best customer experience. Will definitely promote the service to others

Efficient and fast

very easy and nice to be able to save so much time

Its fast and effecient

Obtained what I wanted.

The web interface has some bugs when you go back to change things. Other than that its a great service.

Well it gave me options to look at and braod inf

Excellent accurate estimate. Easy and fast to use.

Had to do it twice because my area (small holding outside PE is not recognized) was not accepted

Prompt response

Excellent service.

Understandable and relevant.
A pleasure to receive such sound advice.
Thank you.

Excellent and efficient website

Excellent service engine. Very useful site which saves you a lot of time, money and unnecessary hassles.

HIPPO's service, i.e. the user interface, convenience, etc, was great and it actually deserves a rating of 4. However, the experience with Standardbank was terrible. It seems that the data captured on Hippo didn't pull through to the interface with Standardbank by itself

It's quick and saves time in calling various insurance houses for quotes.

Excellent service..

Great but only worked once.
The site/app Could use the option to select 3 service providers.
Curgently can only choose 1 then have to start whole process again to request quote from another service provider.

Average. hate that I cant click "I'm interested on more than one supplier

Quick no hassles and I got my qoutes.
Thank you

The service is quick and helpful.

The service was great,efficient and I got more than I expected.



Very convienent


quick simple and informative

Good service

Excellent service and feedback

Very fast respond.

Hippo service is tops

Not many responses received - was expecting more !

Magnificant 12/10

quick response with multiple service providers

Excellent service and friendly team. Appreciate the explanation on terms used. Change the date when insurance first used to include globally - international licences rather than just SA.

Quick &easy

service was professional and I like the pre-quote I received

Instant Help excellent

Quick and fast response from service providers . Pain free filling in forms

the process was quick, transparent and trustworthy

fast a cheap quotes

Excellent and fast service, keep it up

Excellent and prompt. This will make difference as there will be savings that I will experience

fast and hassle free, got my quote in under 30 seconds

I was very happy with the quotes but I wanted to use more than one to get a better idea but was only able to use one.

Very user friendly and fast. Also the lowest quote I could find.


Prompt response

I have managed to get what was I looking and its was very quick

The response was immediate and the initial prices were very close to my final quote. Thank you very much Hippo, you just saved me a lot of time, effort and money. Keep it up.


excellent experience.. got a call back as soon as I put my request through .. second time using Hippo and I am still impressed

The interaction was good

great service

Beautifully efficient. I just hope that the quotes are accurate.

Quick and easy

You service is life saving, is quick not waisting time. I love to recommend your service to my friends and colleagues

Online application comprehensive and easy to complete.

The service e was brilliant and speedy. I am so impressed I

Very much helpful, I will always recommend it to my friends and next of kin

The response was prompt and rates competitive. I will recommend it to friends and familyl

Fast and to the point.

prima sevice

Excellent service

keep up the good service

Quick and easy to use

Hippo, your simply the best.

Very professional and fast service,thanks a million.

Just thank you so much for the best cover

Good excellent accurate results

Surprised at how quick you responded. Excellent service

the feedback was quick and efficient

its very useful and saves so much time because its does all the job of comparing for me

its the fastest service i've got from anyone. Thanks hippo

i have never received any call from any one of their consultant

Great, fast and hassle free

Easy to use & response is received within few minutes after the enquiry

Great service and extremely fast

good Good easy to compare insurance I love it

The gentleman who was assisting me he was very friendly and full of patience.


Excellent and fast service

It was quick and easy to use. Really amazing.

Thank you

response was very fast, excellent

even though i didnt get the insurance but service is excelent

fast and it!!

Excellent Service.

Good service, was very quick ad effective, they sent emails to me within 1-2 minutes

You guys are doing a great job as I'm now going to save on my life life insurance, pity most of us buy the brand and not the service and hardly compare the price. Thank you for making my job easire.

Quick and easy

I think the service good

I really love it so simple to know what you are looking for.

Easy and efficient process.

its a good service help a lot thanks

its great i got to compare in an instant and i could easily decide which offer was best for me.

I think you need to make people register with their email address and phone number, ie send an sms and email to confirm that the email address and cell number are correct. Otherwise, the wrong person may be contacted by the insurer! And if all insurer results are selected as 'interested', the wrong person may receive numerous phone calls! Why has this not been considered already???

Loading long time.

Hippo is awesome. I really enjoyed your service. I got a competitive quote in a very simple steps. Excellent.

Excellent service from Hippo I will recommend it to others

Speedy response.

very helpful and is easy to use and the results are honest

It will take too long to respond

the service was good and prompt. will definitely recommend to others

Easy and effective!

very good prompt service and very good consultant

great service. Compare quotes on one screen

Expediency and auto General has since phoned me so am happy with the quotation

Excellent, Quick and user frindly

Hi. I chose Auto and General but my call got cut off. Would like him to contact me again.

got perfect service.

Good information but have to log onto site for each quote required

Execellent Service indeed

I was very surprised by the response. I have signed up for the GAP cover that suits me and my bank account

Amazing quick effective efficient.really helpful

Excellent service, quick feedback and user friendly.


Quick and easy!

Quick, efficient and very helpful

Fast response, vast amount of quotes.

you provide me with excellent service. your cosultant was very good and informative. Thank you guys. You are the great team. I will sure refer my friends, family & colleagues to you.

Quick and friendly service. I just selected the insurance company and they called me back immediately.

Great service. Thank you

The lady i spoke to Ntombi was very helpful and very friendly. She asked relevant and comprehensive questions which led to a speedy and emjoyable service overall.

Loved everything but when I chose my option it gave me wrong choice

Very quick response. Accurate quotation vs actual agreement.

Superman speed in finding quotes and lighting speed by budget insurance on calling me back! Love it!

Very fast and efficient saved me a lot if time and many phone calls

Quick and easy very comprehensive

Unsure as I've had no contact..could be I provided incorrect email address??

was quick and simple

Quick,efficient and easy.

Good service... recieved a call in under 2 hours

excellent service thank you

Excellent and fast! Well organised and efficient!

Response time was amaising.

I am still waiting for a consultant to call me

Thank you for your prompt service. Cedrick Ford

The system was easy to use and the questionnaire was relevant to the assistance required

it is a very efficient site and you get urgent response


Good website

Quick and East

I found you very helpful but a lot more than what i am spending on my car at the moment.

I was good service but when I want to view the deal information, it's sent for a quote to the wrong insurance

User friendly web site.

Great service indeed it was worthfar much more than the time I spent doing the enquiry which was very short.

accurate and convenient allows you to save yourself the time of searching for quotes over the internet

it was fast i think i got what i wanted but i will wait for the insurer to phone me

good service and its user friendly

Speedy and ver

Excellent service, fast and effective

Friendly Fast and Efficient Service. Thank you.

Such fast and efficient service. Thank you

The site lags sometimes requiring multiple retries of entering the same information

Hippo is quick and very helpful.

You just made my job for searching the cheapest vehicle tracking faster and easy.

I needed more options than I was given

easy to use and very informative

Excellent service save me from calling around hippo does it all


It was quick and painless. You are efficient. Thanks!

Quick simple and easy to use. Instant feedback

The quote request was quick and painless. From the time of filling in the document, to the time the quote is generated.

Thank you.

Quick as a wink! Without fuss and too much information wanted.

Hippo is user friendly and saves thousands of range.Thanks a million

Great customer service


The service that I got from Hippo was brilliant, and after choosing Budget to deal with, the lady that assisted me at first was very friendly, but since yesterday I have not received any documents. Phoned this morning to find out and how rude were the person I dealt with. I'm all for customer service, so, currently doing a cancellation

Quick response.

Fast service. Thank you.

Quick and efficient. Had immediate access to the quotes from several companies. Saved me lots of time.

Very good

Hippo helped us in getting reasonable insurance premiums

It was quick thats great but few quotes for me

CHUBB have not come back to me regarding travel insurance... They were the only company to quote

Great way to compare. Very useful and time saving.

hippo is so much convenient when looking for a quote

Easy to use

hippo is helping to check what you can afford they are not forcing you only do your calculation and submitt .

Quick an easy setup!!!

easy but cannot go back. cannot show interest in more than 1 quote


very prompt service. Good rates.

The lady was calm explained the benefits and going forward, She was professional as i don't like long calls

hippo is the best, reliable and fast. I am going to use it for quotes all the time

Good service

Was nice and easy. Dial Direct phoned me in under 5 minutes. Was difficult to navigate back to change the year on my car when I realised I made a mistake, had to redo everything. but that was quick enough.

Insightful, effective, quick access to information. Thank you well thought out process

Efficient and Sleek!

It's easy to compare and you have your own choice which insurance you want to choose in terms of your budget

Great and very responsive site. It really did all the comparison for me, I did not have to filter information and study unnecessary information.

Lots of alternative quotes - thanks.

Response was very quick and the consultant gave me a call within few minutes after I chose the company.

good fast interactive pages

It was quick & we could see the prices.

Good service in general, however the time it takes for the next page to load I'd long and it reads wrong information on the type of accommodation

It wasn't the first time that Hippo has impressed me with the excellent and professionalism it promises backed up by their efficiency.

It was quick and very helpful . Thank you


Glad that this type of insurance was offered.Although Budget Insurance never came back to me,I went back on Hippo and made contact with Dial Direct.

Easy to use and very informative.


Excellent efficient service.

The requested quote was received in order within seconds. Impressive!

quick and efficient

happy with efficiency of the site

very Fast and avisiant

always comes in handy. When you need them the most. I get the most affordable premium.

website was easy to follow being of the older generation cannot always understand what to do next, but your information was quick and easy, thank you.

It was very good got a good deal on insurance for a car. I am very happy

Saves times by giving options available in the market

Fast and easy procedures

nothing much


That was painless. My only problem was the fact that I can not input my overseas cellular phone details, I am currently working in Oman and my contact number is +96893599171, if you want to call me.

Excellent, Effective,best app online.keep up the good work team.Perfect

simple and wonderful


It was very easy and clear also quick help I got.

Excellent service

Well done great work. I am impressed by the quick and efficient service.

User friendly application. Great experience
Got what I expected.

Got all the information i wanted very helpful

Fast and not complicated choice is wider

Fast and hassel free. Not a lot of detail to complete.

It was awesome except for fact that I could not choose more than one quote.

Excellent service. Quote was received in record time

I've tried it and it fast and very easy to use, got 4 quotes with less effort



Fast and the prices quoted are relevant.


The online service is very fast and accurate. I was also called back within a minute of selecting an insurance broker. Well done!

Convenient and hassle free

Good experience.

The response was quick and efficient. I'm happy with the service I got

No one actually called me. I'm still waiting

Quick and very user friendly, whilst giving competitive qoutes

Fast service.

Quick n easy excellent time vs service

Option to click more quotes that you are interested on, if not you must fill in all the details again.

easy to use


It was quick

Quick and painless

Excellent service,very informative

Quick and very helpful

I am still waiting for budget to get back to me, 3 hours


Good service; agent called me soon after

Efficient service

Excellent, did exactly what I asked it to do, and gave me the best option for me. Thank u Hippo u beauty??

Fast and very easy. The responce from the insurance was fast and i was covered in a matter of minutes.


this was very helpful. thanks so much

It was quick and hippo gave me five legal provider's to choose from

great , speedy service- the companies I was interested in called me within an hour after going into the hippo website

great stuf!!

your service is more than excellent, thank you.

Easy fast and simple to use. Comparison with multiple companies was a great help

service was excellent thanks to Hippo for making people lives easier.

Confused by why I was contacted by insurance companies I didn't indicate I was interested in. My phone now has been ringing off the hook and I cannot get through my work. Not impressed

Excellent Service - no waiting for days.

excellent service

Very good and fast service. Got all I needed. Thank you.




Quick and easy to use.


It's easy to use and instructions are simple to follow

i was very impressed with the website and how it works

Thank you

Excellent, great help, was stuck and they helped me greatly.

very quite response

The service was exceptional, I love using Hippo??

Verry impressed! Thanks you for the fast and efficient service.


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,i don't know what to say. I didn't think that this things work. I save R1500.00. I am still not believing,

Your agent was most helpful


I wanted more than 1 option as a quote but the system only allows for one. I also wanted to get a quote for household insurance however, they system would not move past the car section

The system should save the information as any need to go back means that one has to capture the information all over again. If logging in will enable one to access the info, it or any other solution would make the system user friendly



Hippo is good but it too forever to send my details to the company.

It was fast to get a list of insurance companies with their price indications. Thank you Hippo for your help. I am now awaiting a call and an offer.

Easy to use,quick results and reliable

Fast and reliable,accurte,wide range of info to choose from.


The website is user friendly, I now await the company to contact me.

Very quick and efficient!!

Fast response. Excellent feedback information provided.

Fast and effective help

Prompt service. Received documents almost before I put the phone down. However I do not like the fact that there is no place to sign stating that I accept the policy. I do not accept the policy as legally binding without my signature. Therefore I am not taking out the cover. Thank you.

Very effective and quick response from you guys. I'm very impressed??

Very user friendly and efficient.



It was quick and easy, but the quotes were not exactly what i had in mind, i am sure if i shop around i will find quotes that suits my needs better with better rates.


Speedy response.

very quick and easy

I loved the speed at which the response came, and that it came with definite propositions.

Quick, convenient and user friendly

I would prefer to be emailed with information, not called.

excellent service cause i dont have to scout around for prices

the service was quick and simple to use.

excelent response, getting the information I want without delay . comparisons certainly make choices easier. Thank you. Great service 5 star all the way.

Great way of saving time. The only drawback is that the quoted premiums are a lot higher than the actual probably because the insurance companies require more info which affects the premium.

The service was very fast and short

Excellent fast service

very good service thank you so much for all the hard work

Quick response time, but would have liked to choose more than one option.

Great, fast and accurate. Makes life sooo much easier!!

My consultant Valentia was very professional, patient and informative. She more or less answered all my question

Very convenient way of comparing quotes. Great site


easy to use no fuss easy to uderstand

I thought it will take time to get a respong, but The result was instand. It a great idea to compare different servise providers before choosing the one that suits me.


good number of quotes with prices just what I wanted.Thanks

Quick service

The minute I send the request I got a call and the consultant was very professiona, patient & helpful.

I thought it was quite an experience. But when the insurance company contacted me for a quote it was much higher that what was on Hippo.


Good, will see when the agent calls me back, and how things go from there.
The form is not very friendly, e.g. it wants to know what kind of insurance is required, but doesn't allow me to compare the options. E.g., I would like to know how much comprehensive insurance will cost, but also want to check on balance of 3rd party only. For that I have to launch a new request?

user friendly and quick response

am happy, thanks for the quick response, keep it up

I got quotes from five different companies at once without have to call each and everyone of them; and received a quick and swift reply.

it was great and easy thank you

It was ausome,to talk to you

It should be more detailed. Giving me the access amount and premium its not enough. I don't have time to be on the phone talking to consultants. The quotes should say what makes up the premium.

Excellent service and it doesn't take time for the consultants to call you back.

The services quick and easy to use. Thank you.

Good service, highly appreciated.

Your service is beyond 100%. your response time is efficient. I also received an email within minutes and now I hope the people at Matix will call me and be as efficient as you guys.

I had response for selected insurers within minutes.

They website is easy to navigate and to use.

Quick excellent service!

Quick immediate response. One of the insurance co called me back, 30 min later I was sorted and insured.

Fast, hassle free and efficient!

You get immediate response and low prices for what you want in insurance. You also get quotes from well known companies which makes it easier to choose.

swift response.

I got my call back in under a minute

Very Simple, but I had to restate some of the information I submitted on the webpage to the agent

Response was very quick and the quotes were accurate

was easy, fast, however it didn't have quotes from more companies I was interested in.

It's because I've found the cheapest tracking insurance and I am looking forward to you hippo to give me the car insurance qoutation

The quote was more than my current premium. Insurance co did not negotiate at all.

Asked for the quote and received a call back within 10 minutes.

the service was effortless I will recommend this to anyone, especially for the 8-5pm employee who has deadlines to meet

was good enough for what I need to know

it was quick to respond to what i needed.

Great service

Very convenient. Saves time and costs.

This is to show my gratitude and must keep up the good work it is doing

Quick and effortless


The service was quick and was accurate I'm more than happy to recommend hipo to friends and family. Thank you do much

Quick service but would have liked to have two or three options to choose from in the "I am interested" indicator.

Extremely efficient service and the required service provider called within 2 minutes of me being notified that they would do so.

Quick and easy. Very user friendly.

It was very quick and the price was perfect for me,only waiting for company to respond back.hippo are the way to the free quotes.

Very effective, reliable and I am satisfied with all the information they have sent to me. It is fast and hustle free. I am very happy.

There is no Help option when one gets stuck. For example i wanted a car qoute, stuck no option for passport and address un accepted

quick professional response

Quick service

Can just add more

I wasn't too sure if the insurance companies they listed was the only ones or the top four, they were not clear about that.

Perfecrly simple to use with immediate result options

easy and quick to access, no funny advertisement

Very quick service.

Fast and efficient

Quick and Easy

easy access and informative,best way to compare insurances

Very efficient and quick

Not enough quotes received

website easy to navigate, Quick responses, clear and concise information,

Its easy to use and quick

Efficient and fast. I did not appreciate other providers calling me when I did not tick for them to do so

Quick and easy.

Approximate quotes received fairly quick.
Insurers called as quickly as possible.

quick response

As it was the first time using Hippo, i thought a 4 was safe. depending on further correspondence i may change my mind.
Up to now i can confirm that your personal is helpful and professional.

Thank you, have a lovely day

I was not covered. can I try Budget?

Easiest and fastest way to get insurance quotes from all companies in one shot....brilliant

Had a call within 5 min of looking at quotes

I contacted them at 7:00am this morning and within 30minutes I was contacted by Virseker and covered by them before 9am!!

Quick and effective

It was quick n easy

The site was very easy to use. Quick and efficient. No toggles that don't work and as I said easy

Lot knows his story an his products I was impressed

Consultant was very informative and friendly. I felt like he explained everything well and I am very happy to be insured with you :-)

Good service for free. Quick website response.


Fast, effective very efficient service with a lot of quotes to choose from

Very easy to use.And very quick

It was super fast

I got more than what i was searching for and which i needed to see.

It is quick and accurate.

Good service, very efficient - love Hippo

It's so easy to use and very relevant, it took me minutes to get quotes. Saved me lots of time.

Feed back was instant and I managed to compare and choose right company

Its extremely easy and simple to use instead of having to go through an entire list of insurers

Quick and very helpful.

The online questionnaire is not prompting enough

good system

I liked the sevice

Quick and effective assistance !!!!

excellent service in few minutes

prompt response

Fast Easy and No Hassile

Their system was very user friendly. It was very helpful as well.

Fast and excellent service

Quick response and very informative information i have received

the service was prompt, smooth, efficient and effective.

You make life easy to shop for an insurance.

Valuable information, prompt service, easy understandable website

Cause it's easy and fast way to compare quotes wit Hippo. So I always use it to compare quotes.

good overview

Fast, efficient

it so easy and accessible.

Good, provided me with the basics of what i was looking for.

Hippo was fast in identifying what I need.

No nonsense,All the relevant information you require. So easy to use and understand.

Easy to use

Speed and Easy

Great service!

Excellent service, speedy response and gave many options.

Duran was very professional and assisted on the policy entailed.

Quick and easy

Simple. Easy. Fast

quick response

Quick and simple

Good consultant, even quick to respond, helpful, you are great all the. I've got what i needed, keep on doing the great job to others


Response was very quick and simple.

Quick and easy safe me time and a lot of money

Great Service

Extremely easy to get information. Friendly sales lady contacted me within 2 hours of leaving my details on line. would recommend Hippo to everybody I know

Seconds later I'v got an answer. Thanx

good service, my first time using it, so efficient, im impressed


Professional and practical assistance with instant satisfaction.

Excellent work

Easy to use and response from insurance company was very swift and efficient


i need consultant to understand english properly and not repeat myself.

It took seconds to get reply on my request....the site is perfect

Quick and easy to use and understand...

It is user friendly, very easy and quick.

Hippo gave me only 2 choices of which only 1 contacted me.
But furthermore I am happy but would appreciate the other one also to contacted me.
Only Dot Insurance did.

Please add dental covers as well

I was absolutely astounded at how easy the whole process was.

Good thanks

Very efficient

Very easy and simple to use, got quotes in a couple of seconds... for someone that doesn't like spending much time on the net, perfect site.

very efficient

Feedback was in seconds. That was quick sevice and everything on my finger tips.

Great service

Very efficient.

Outstanding service

Good service

the response was extremely quick

Good sevice


Very fast and effortless

very good experience with hippo

The comparison were listed from Low to High in terms of cost.


Very fast responce

Excellent response time, quick and efficient.

Excellent and fast and efficient service.

Great response time. Brilliant service provider (DOTSURE). Thank you for putting me in touch with them

fast no delays

quick and reliable and safe to use hippo ill recommend it to friends to compare quotes on insurance and what ever they need a quote for.

Quick efficient feedback

A wide range of service providers.

the service was fast and exellent

The website gave me a lot of options in terms of names of vehicle tracking companies software, what each offers as well as the cost.

Fast response.

Quick n easy

I was contacted within 5min of submitting my request.


It's the best app thanks it's very helpful stress less

easy to access and user friendly.

I was called back almost immediately, but my phone is giving problems so I will have to phone them back tomorrow.

Response was quick


Quick,easy and efficient

great gave good options to choose from

I thought i would have had a call from u guys as u said i qualify for 1000 but still havent heard anything so im a bit dissapointed

just await my call from 1st for women , i have received a feedback from dial direct was exellent but will be more interested in 1st for women


Very prompt and friendly service.

very convenient

so easy and quick

Quick, efficient and easy to use. Concluded my transaction within 20 minutes with my selected Service Provider.

quick and easy, very helpful online service.

Received a call within 5 minutes from my mail

Fast, convenient, great service.

well done

It was easy to use and also it was quick and efficient.

quick and easy, fast response

I found you on the internet and thats why i am intrested and the payback money per month looks very good.

Easy to use

I couldnt get a better offer

Choices of various quotes and timeously

Surprised that Hollard wasn't included in the option results?

Easy to use and accurate infomation

safe me alot of time and is very efficient and fast...

Quick and easy as well as very helpful and accurate.. thank you so much its nice to know that there are still speady response as well and a user friendly site...