Motor - FAQ's For Scratch and Dents Cover

What is Scratch and Dents Insurance?
Scratch and dent insurance covers the repair of small dents, chips and scratches in the event of accidental damage to the bodywork of your vehicle.
When does cover commence?
Cover is immediate upon payment of your first premium however claims are not allowed within the first 30 days.
How long will the policy cover me for?
For as long as you pay the monthly premium or when your vehicle is older than 30 years.
How old can my car be to buy scratch and dent insurance?
Up to 30 years old at the date of purchase of the policy.
Whose name should the policy be in?
The policy should always be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.
Are any vehicles excluded under this policy?
Yes, all vehicles used for hire and reward, transportation of goods, quad bikes, motor bikes and commercial vehicles over 3500 kg gross weight.
Why can I not pay for my licence plate / new bumper / replacement of the fender / badge of my car?
One of the general exceptions of this policy is that it will not replace any body panel or part.
Why can I not claim for damages all around my vehicle that happened during the course of the past year?
The policy is not designed to cover damages that were accumulated over a period of time. It is therefore advised to immediately advise your insurance company of any incident that resulted in damage (however slight) to your vehicle.
I have damaged another party's vehicle in the incident, can I claim for their damages as well?
Due to the small cost involved in terms of premium, your policy will generally not allow for any liability claims whatsoever.
Is pre-existing damage covered?
No – The reason for this is that cover for all future damage will commence after the inception date as stated on your agreement, and the activation premium has been received, all damages before this will be noted as pre-existing and are not covered.
How many days do I have in which to make a claim?
This is stipulated in the terms and conditions in your policy. You generally have 30 days to make a claim from the date of your incident
Are there any specific exclusions?
There will be no cover under this policy in respect of: Any damage which in the Insurer's discretion is deemed to have been incurred as a result of a collision or other accident and not as a result of day to day motoring. Any damage which is not defined as a "chip", "scratch" or "dent"" Any damage falling outside the Period of Insurance.   Any damage caused by hail or by rust or by corrosion or any other gradually operating cause.

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