Hippo - Fleet Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fleet Tracking?
Fleet Tracking, also known as Fleet Management, allows business owners to track and monitor their vehicles. Business owners have total visibility of everything that happens on the road and can track their vehicles in real-time. Fleet Tracking also provides information on how each employee is driving and by analysing their employees’ driving styles, business owners could improve fuel efficiency. Plus, having a tracking device installed in their business’s vehicles could reduce the risk of not recovering these vehicles should they be stolen, and could even help lower Car Insurance premiums.
Why would my business need Fleet Tracking?
Whether your run a small business or a big corporation, managing your business’s vehicles can save you time and money. Fleet Tracking provides insight into your employees’ driving behaviours and by analysing these behaviours you can optimise the performance of your fleet. You could also identify where to make savings by examining previous trips and working out the best routes for your drivers.

You can also keep your customers informed every step of the way. Fleet Tracking provides reliable arrival-time information so you’ll be able to immediately inform your customers should there be a delay.

Plus, having Fleet Tracking could even help you save on Car Insurance as some insurance providers reduce your monthly Car Insurance premium if you have Fleet Tracking.
How much does it cost?
This will depend on the number of vehicles in your business’s fleet as well as on the service provider of your choice. Compare multiple Fleet Tracking quotes in order to find the best option for your business.
Where is the tracking device fitted to the vehicle?
The tracking device can be fitted to a number of places on the vehicle. For security reasons, the unit and its location won't be identified, even to the vehicle owner.
How difficult is it to remove or deactivate the unit?
The unit is very well hidden so it is difficult to remove, and can only be deactivated by the tracking control centre.
Can the unit be fitted to any vehicle?
Yes, including light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.
Will the tracking unit interfere with the vehicle’s electronic systems?
No, the tracking unit will not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles.
Should I test the tracking device?
Yes, the tracking device should be tested at least twice a year to ensure it is in good working order. It is also recommended that you test the unit after an accident or after any significant electrical work has been carried out on the vehicle. If the unit is not working, the tracking company will not be able to track the vehicle.
What happens if I need to sell one of my vehicles? Can I transfer the tracking device from one vehicle to another?
There are a number of options available when selling your vehicle. You can sell the vehicle with the unit in it and the new owner will take over the monthly subscription, or you can reinstall the unit in your new vehicle. If you choose to reinstall the tracking device into your new vehicle, a charge will be levied for this service.
What do I do when I realise one of my vehicles has been stolen?
Immediately contact your tracking company’s operating centre. Remember, the quicker you contact them, the easier it is for them to possibly recover your vehicle.
How will the stolen vehicle be returned to me?
Return of the vehicle is by arrangement between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and your tracking company’s control centre. Any vehicle that has been stolen or involved in a hijacking will have to go to an SAPS pound. You would then collect your vehicle from the car pound.
What is the difference between Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Tracking?
Vehicle Tracking is usually for personal vehicles while Fleet Tracking is for business owners that manage a fleet of vehicles. Vehicle Tracking is where a tracking device is installed in your personal vehicle to reduce the risk of not recovering your vehicle should it be stolen. Fleet Tracking works in much the same way but also provides additional information and allows business owners to track their vehicles in real-time. Fleet Tracking provides information on how each driver is driving and by analysing their employees’ driving behaviours, business owners could ensure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as it should.
Will my drivers’ data be kept secure?
Yes. Keeping your drivers’ data safe is our partners’ top priority.

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