Motor - FAQ's For Vehicle Tracking

How often should I test my tracking device?
vehicle tracking device or alert system at least twice a year to ensure it is in good working order. If your unit is not working, the tracking company will not be able to track your vehicle.
Where is the tracking device fitted to my vehicle and what does it look like?
The tracking device can be fitted to a number of places on your vehicle. For security reasons, the unit and its location won't be identified, even to the vehicle owner.
How difficult is it to remove or deactivate the unit?
The unit is very well hidden so it is difficult to remove, and can only be deactivated by the tracking control centre.
Can the unit be fitted to any make of vehicle?
Yes, including light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.
Will the tracking unit interfere with my vehicle's electronic systems?
A tracking device will not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles, such as the vehicle's management system, on board computers and mission critical (safety) computers, etc.
Will the unit need to be serviced – is there a service contract?
The unit has a life span of many years and does not require servicing. However, in addition to testing your tracking device at least twice a year, it is recommended that you test the unit after an accident or after any significant electrical work has been carried out on your vehicle.
What happens when I sell my vehicle? Can I transfer my tracking device from one vehicle to another?
There are a number of options available when selling your vehicle. You can sell the vehicle with the unit in it and the new owner will take over the monthly subscription, or you can re-install the unit in your new vehicle. If you choose to reinstall into your new vehicle, a charge will be levied for this service.
What do I do when I realise my vehicle has been stolen?
Immediately contact your tracking companies operating centre. Remember, the quicker you contact them, the easier it is for them to possibly recover your vehicle and hopefully make an arrest.
Will there be extra premiums or charges if the vehicle is stolen more than once?
How close do the vehicle tracking teams have to be to the unit to pick up a signal?
The range of the signal will vary depending on the area. In city centres, the range could be up to five kilometres, however, in the open countryside, it can be up to 12 kilometres.
Do I need to give an approximate location of the stolen vehicle when notifying my tracking companies control centre of the theft?
No – once the unit is activated, the signal is broadcast nationwide. If a stolen vehicle with an activated tracking unit moves within tracking range of any vehicle tracking unit (VTU), an alarm will sound and the tracking team will be notified. The tracking team concerned will be able to track the stolen or hijacked vehicle.
How will my car be returned to me?
Return of the vehicle is by arrangement between the SAPS and your tracking companies Control Centre. Any vehicle that has been stolen or involved in a hijacking will have to go to a SAPS pound. You would then collect your vehicle from the pound.

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