Motor - FAQ's For Tyre And Rim Guard Cover

What is Tyre & Rim Insurance?
Tyre & Rim Insurance is a product that you can usually buy on its own, or add it to existing vehicle insurance policy. It provides you with insurance for your tyres and rims, which are so easily damaged on the worsening roads in South Africa.
Why do I need Tyre & Rim Insurance?
The simple truth is that our South African roads are riddled with potholes, and more often than not they aren't attended to. It wasn't too long ago that this type of product wasn't as necessary as it is now, but with the increase of vehicles on our already worsening roads, Tyre & Rim Insurance is a must. So often we tend to ignore what seem like lesser damages to our cars – but damaged rims and tyres can cause major accidents. That's why this product is incredibly handy as it helps you repair and replace these parts with ease!
What exactly does Tyre & Rim cover?
If you have Tyre & Rim Insurance, you're covered against paying out of your own pocket to repair or replace your damaged tyres and/or rims. You should definitely check out the terms and conditions of your policy, because different insurers make different decisions on how often you can claim or if they'll replace or repair the damage.
Do I have to pay a joining fee?
Although this answer varies from insurer to insurer, most often you do in fact have to pay a joining fee for Tyre and Rim Insurance. For instance, if it's the first value added product you've bought from an insurer then you'll pay a fee, but if it's the 2nd or 3rd product you've bought through the same insurer then you might not have to.
What can I do if my claim is rejected?
This also depends on who you've bought your Tyre and Rim Insurance from. For example, many insurers give you a 90 day period in which you can lay a complaint against the outcome. They'll then relook at the outcome and give you feedback. If you're still not satisfied, you can take the matter to the Ombudsman.
How can I make changes on my insurance?
All you need to do is contact your insurer to find out how you can make changes because different insurers have different approaches to this. Most often any changes to your insurance will only be effective from the time and date agreed to in the contract agreement.
How do I make payments on my insurance?
Many insurers provide you with a month-to-month Tyre and Rim Insurance policy and payment will be on the agreed date stated in your schedule. That being said, you should ask your provider this question so that you can manage your finances to the best of your ability.
What if I stop my payments?
The simple truth is that you pay for what you get. So if you're not paying for something, then you won't get it. If you skip or stop paying your cover for whatever reason, your policy will be cancelled.
How do I claim?
Depending on your provider, very often you don't have to claim via paperwork but rather, you can claim telephonically. The claims number is usually available on your schedule, or your policy documents.
Is there an excess payable?
This differs between providers, but many do state in your policy that you'll have to pay an excess for every claim you make.

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