Managing debt for dummies

Every family in South Africa deal with a bad debt situation and some families are torn apart, as there are no help paying the monthly bills.  It's important to save your money to be free from debt.  Debt Counseling is a consumer debt solution.


Debt Management Tips to set up a budget for dummies

Write down all personal expenses.Be accurate and honest with yourself.You will be surprise of all the hidden expenses you always ignore.


When finish with your expenses,write down how much income you bring in.Every cent earned must be included.Minus the Income with the Expenses and set up a plan,with money available. 


Next thing to do is to start a plan and saving your income,this should be top of your list. Make sure you have money for all your important needs. All experts provide this information to have a discipline savings plan. Stop the unnescary buying (impulsive buying) things that is a luxury and have no value in your life, like fast food,that chocolates at the shops till etc.

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