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The reliability of a car depends upon its timely care and maintenance. Proper care not only affirms a car's long life but also accounts for the safety of its passengers. Follow these steps to care for your car and increase its life and resale value.



  1. Keep your car clean and free from dust. Wash it weekly with a soft cloth and light detergent. Wax the car once every 2 months so it retains its shine and luster.
  2. Inspect the transmission fluid and brake oil levels every week. For a thorough inspection, take your car to a reputable service station after every 50,000 miles.
  3. Change the car's oil every 3,000 miles. When the meter displays 60,000 miles, replace the spark plugs, fuel injector and timing belt.
  4. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and get the tires rotated every 6,000 miles. Replace the tires if they are worn or have any tears. Take the car to a mechanic every 12,000 miles to check the alignment and balance.
  5. Replace the car's radiator coolant every two years or 40,000 miles to avoid unnecessary engine heat-up. Repair any leakage in the radiator, water pump and freeze plugs.
  6. Maintain the interior. Take your car to a trim shop to replace worn or dirty carpet. Replace any torn upholstery or interior components.


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