Hippo - A-Z Fleet Tracking Glossary

Auto Theft Recovery
Real-time GPS trackers are used to access a vehicle's location and to safely recover a stolen vehicle or mobile asset.

Back-Up Battery
Most tracking devices are fitted with back-up batteries. The back-up battery facilitates tracking and recovery when the vehicle’s own battery is disconnected or runs flat.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance covers you against liabilities which you may incur as a result of your vehicle injuring another person or damaging their property. Depending on the option that you choose, Car Insurance can also provide cover for damage to your car or theft of your vehicle.

Car Tracker/Tracking Device
A device or navigational system used to monitor the movements of a vehicle.

Company Vehicle
A vehicle that is supplied by a business owner to his/her employees in order to help them carry out their duties.

Fitment Centre
An approved centre where the tracking device is installed into the vehicle.

Fleet Telematics
Fleet telematics refers to the transmission of computerised information from a central location to individual vehicles in a fleet.

Fleet Tracking/Fleet Management
Fleet Tracking is where a tracking device is installed in a company’s vehicles. This allows business owners to track and monitor their vehicles.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and refers to a network of satellites that aid vehicle tracking.

The process of fitting the tracking device into a vehicle. The installation is usually performed by an engineer/technician.

Insurance Telematics
Insurance telematics refer to insurance policies where the Car Insurance premiums are based on the customer’s personal driving behaviour. Customers have a tracking device fitted into their vehicle and the monthly premiums are based on the customer’s actual, as opposed to their projected, driving behaviour.

Panic Button
An optional feature, provided by some tracking companies, that allows the driver to transmit a silent distress signal to the tracking company’s control centre.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking 
Real-Time Vehicle Tracking gives users instant access to a vehicle’s location. This form of GPS tracking is used in Fleet Tracking and auto theft recovery applications.

Recovery Teams
Individuals dedicated to locating and recovering stolen vehicles.

Telematics is a combination of telecommunications and informatics, and refers to the long-distance transmission of computerised information.

Tracking Device
The hardware unit that is installed in a vehicle to capture important information such as location, movement, and status data.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking is where a tracking device is installed in a vehicle to reduce the risk of not recovering the vehicle should it be stolen. Vehicle Tracking is usually for personal vehicles while Fleet Tracking is for business owners that manage a fleet of vehicles.

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