Service Plans Glossary

Authorised Dealer
An authorised dealer is an institution that has received authorisation from a relevant regulatory body to act as a dealer. An authorised dealer refers to the manufacturer’s authorised dealer/servicing centre, or an accredited RMI or AA dealer/servicing centre.

A request by the policyholder for services or repairs based on the coverage stipulated in the Service Plan.

A clause is a provision included in a policy agreement and refers to a section of the contract that deals with a particular subject.

Commencement Date
The commencement date is the date on which cover begins, as stipulated in the policy agreement.

The conditions refer to the circumstances under which an insurance policy is in force. Breach of the conditions can result in a refusal by the service provider to pay/cover the loss.

Cost of Repair
The usual and reasonable charges for the parts and/or labour as per the scheduled services.

Cover refers to the protection provided by insurance.

Covered Part
A covered part refers to any part of the vehicle that is listed in the Service Plan and can include, but is not limited to, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, lubricants and spark plugs.

The customer refers to the owner of the vehicle at the time of purchase of the Service Plan, or in the instance where the Service Plan has been transferred to the new owner of the vehicle.

A document attached to the policy agreement that enhances or restricts the policy’s coverage. The endorsement takes precedence over the general contract.

Insurance refers to a contract that transfers the risk from an individual to a company. The company (insurer) promises to pay the individual (the insured) for loss occurring after one or more uncertain events in exchange for the payment of a premium.

The insured refers to the individual covered by an insurance policy. This individual is also often referred to as the policyholder.

A provider of insurance. The insurer refers to the service provider that undertakes to indemnify for losses.

The make of the vehicle can also be referred to as the brand or manufacturer. The make refers to the company that makes the car. For example, in Toyota Yaris, Toyota is the make.

Manufacturer refers to the entity that manufactured/supplied the vehicle as specified on the policy.

Mechanical Breakdown
A mechanical breakdown occurs when a vehicle fails to function.

The model refers to the particular type of vehicle. The vehicle is unique and differs from other vehicles made by the same manufacturer. For example, in a Toyota Yaris, Yaris is the model.

A policy is a written contract between the insurer and the insured. The policy includes all clauses, endorsements and riders.

The policyholder refers to the policy owner or the insured person. This individual is also often referred to as the insured.

A statement that includes information on the cover options and related premiums.

A recall is when a manufacturer orders all vehicles back to the dealership for unplanned repairs. These repairs usually relate to mechanical problems and/or safety issues. The owner of the vehicle does not usually pay for the repairs performed under a recall.

A rider is a form that is attached to the policy agreement that alters the provisions of the policy in some manner.

Service Plan
A policy for servicing your vehicle and covers specified manufacturer parts as listed in the policy agreement.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
The VIN is a unique 17-digit number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles.

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