Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most extensive form of Car Insurance and provides cover for damage caused to other parties and their property in the event that you are responsible for an accident. It also covers you for damage to your vehicle caused by accidents, fire and natural disasters, and provides cover for theft and hijacking.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

If you require a form of insurance that covers just about any form of financial loss related to your car, then Comprehensive Car Insurance is for you. This is the most extensive form of insurance and covers you in the event of theft, hijacking, loss and/or damage caused by an accident, fire and natural disasters, and claims made against you by third parties where you are responsible for the damage to their vehicle.

As this form of insurance covers all bases and safeguards you against all unforeseen events, it is the most expensive option. However, the best way to find the right Comprehensive Car Insurance option for you, is to shop around and compare quotes. has an extensive range of providers available to compare when looking for Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Why should I consider Comprehensive Car Insurance?

With this type of cover, you can claim from your insurance provider even when an accident is your fault. You can also claim if fault cannot be proven. Without this kind of cover, you run the risk of having to pay for repairs yourself, whether it’s your car or someone else's. Comprehensive Car Insurance also covers you for damage to your vehicle caused by fire and natural disasters, and provides cover for theft and hijacking. Having Comprehensive Car Insurance ensures that in the event of a serious accident and your car is written off, your insurance company will pay out an amount equal to its value before it was damaged. This type of cover gives you added protection, as well as peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out for expensive repairs or replacement costs, as you’ll only have to pay the excess on your insurance policy.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance not cover?

A common add-on is a courtesy car, which is a car lent to you while yours is being repaired. The second most common add-on is breakdown cover, which provides assistance in the form of a mechanic and/or tow truck in the event your car breaks down or is damaged while on the road.

It is always best to check whether the policies you are investigating include these features, or whether you would have to pay for them yourself in the event of an accident. Every insurance provider offers unique features and benefits, and it is always best to review your different policy documents and speak directly to your insurer if anything is unclear.

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Fast Fact

According to the SAIA, approximately 65% of South African drivers do not have Car Insurance. Compare quotes to ensure that you are not left with extensive repair and replacement costs due to theft and/or damages.


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