Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance provides cover for damage caused to other parties and their property in the event that you are responsible for an accident. It also covers the cost if your car is stolen or damaged in the event of a hijacking, theft or fire.

What is Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance?

Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance is a basic form of Car Insurance that provides cover for accidental damage caused to another person’s vehicle. In addition to this, your car is covered in the event of theft, hijacking or fire. This type of insurance does not extend cover for accidental damage to your own vehicle.

Cost of Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance is usually slightly cheaper than Comprehensive Car Insurance as it does not cover the damages or losses to your vehicle in the event of an accident. In this instance, you have to pay for the repairs and/or replacement parts yourself. If you want to get an added level of protection, it is best to take out Comprehensive Car Insurance. Depending on your needs, Comprehensive Car Insurance might work out cheaper as it covers more. If your car is inexpensive to repair, or you don’t drive very often or for long periods at a time, Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance might be more suitable.

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