Personal - A-Z Cellular Glossary





This refers to the equipment associated with a cell phone e.g. phone covers, hands free sets, car kits etc.



Refers to the connection of a new cell phone contract or a new value added service on an existing mobile contract.


Account Holder

Someone who is authorised to make all changes to a cell phone account, including those that require a signature.



An amount of money or credit added or subtracted from a monthly bill.


Administration Charges

Amounts deducted from accounts automatically for account maintenance such as late payment fees, suspension fees, dishonour fees and reactivation fees.


Any-key answer

This is a function of some cell phones where the user can press any key on the keypad and the phone will answer the incoming call.



Refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second.



You have the ability to select different call access levels, for both outbound and inbound calls, although changes to call access levels will not affect SMS services - these must be deactivated/activated separately. Barrings may be in place on your mobile service for a range of reasons including lost/stolen phones.


Base station

A mobile base station is essentially a radio transmitter/receiver and antenna, which transmits and receives radio frequency or electromagnetic energy signals from your cell phone.


Billing Cycle

Your Billing Cycle is the period of time for which you are billed in a month, e.g. From the fifth of one month to the fourth of the next.



A radio technology built around a new chip that makes it possible to transmit signals over short distances between computers and handheld devices without the use of wires.



Bits per Second. A measurement of data transfer speed. Rates are the number of bits that are transmitted per second. See also Kbps



A byte consists of 8 bits, the smallest unit of information on a computer, expressed as either a 1 or a 0. The expression 01001101 is equal to one byte of information. A kilobyte is 1,000 bytes of information. A megabyte is 1 million bytes.


Call Conference

Call Conference gives the customer the ability to place one caller on hold and dial a number to connect a third party and either switch between callers or connect all parties. This service is not available on all handsets.


Call hold\Wait

The Call Waiting feature tells you when another caller is trying to get through, while you are already on a call.


Car Kit

A mobile accessory that enables you to use your cell phone in the car whilst still being able to drive the car. The most popular car kit device is known as a ‘3-in-1’ plug-and-go kit. Although set-ups differ from one manufacturer to another, these kits generally involve a holder plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, with a built in microphone and speaker to provide a hands free function. Most kits also charge the phone.



A carrier is someone who supplies a mobile service and use of a network to a customer.



CLI or Calling Line Identifier enables you to see the number of the person calling from another phone. The caller's number is displayed on your phone screen, provided that both you and the caller have CLI activated. Caller ID functions between landline phones and mobile digital phones, as long as both customers have Caller ID activated and the landline handset has a number view facility.



Refers to whether your phone is able to receive a signal from a base station in order for it to be able to make and receive calls.



In telecommunications, data means digital-encoded information to distinguish it from analogue-encoded information such as conventional telephone voice calls. In general, "analogue" or voice transmission requires a dedicated continual connection for the duration of a related series of transmissions. Data transmission can often be sent with intermittent connections in packets that arrive in piecemeal fashion.


Dead Spot

Refers to a small area that cannot receive coverage. This may be due to geographical location or an obstruction of the signal from the base station.



Call diversions allow you to redirect calls to another number.


Dropped Calls

This refers to calls that were connected but then fall out of coverage, forcing the call to disconnect.



Dual Tone Multi Frequency. This refers to the tones used to send messages across the network by pressing numbers on your phones.  For example selecting the number 3 in order to delete a voicemail message.



E-bill allows you to retrieve your bills online.


Fixed Dialling

Fixed dialling is an inbuilt restricting feature, which is available on some makes and models of phones. It allows the owner of the phone to limit the types of calls made from the phone. When the fixed dialling feature is on, you can only call a phone number that is included in the fixed dialling list or which begins with the same digit(s) as a phone number in the list.



Mobile Games are arcade-style games that you can download and install on your compatible cell phone.  Most Mobile Games are created using Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) which is a programming language supports devices such as cell phones, PDAs, Internet screen phones, smart phones.



General Packet Radio Service. GPRS is a packet switched wireless communication service that has data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps (handset and network dependant and continuous connection to the Internet for cell phone and computer users. GPRS is based on Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication and complements services such circuit switched cellular phone connections and the Short Message Service (SMS).


Hands Free

A device that allows you to talk on your phone without having to physically hold it.  These may have a wire connected to your phone, be wireless or built into your phone.



Your cell phone goes everywhere with you, so it's easy for it to get damaged, lost or stolen. Cellular insurance covers you for lost or damaged phones or if it’s stolen.


International Roaming

International Roaming is the ability to make and receive calls just as though they were in your local area network. You must however have a roaming agreement with the overseas network. It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the costs involved with roaming.


International SMS

International SMS is the quick, cheap and easy way to send text messages to compatible digital handsets on overseas networks. It's the perfect way to bridge the distance and stay in touch. International SMS is dependant on the overseas network having an International SMS agreement with your mobile service provider. Message charges are incurred on sending the message regardless if successfully delivered or not. It may take up to eight days from the original send date for the message charges to be applied.


Itemised Billing

You have a choice on how you would like your bills presented. This ranges from a summary account with no call itemisation, through to complete itemisation of all calls and all SMS.



Interactive Voice Response - is the interface between your phone and a computer system.  It is the voice recording that asks you to select an option when accessing such things as voicemail.



Refers to the buttons on the front of your phone.


Keypad Lock

A way of ensuring that the buttons on the phone are not accidentally pressed. The sequence used to lock keypads is usually Menu followed in quick succession by *.  Refer to your phone user guide or manufacturer for information regarding keypad lock.



Cell phones have the ability to be set to different languages.  For more information see your phone user guide or contact your manufacturer.


Loan Phones

Loan Phones may be available to customers who are having their phone repaired. Customers should enquire in store whether or not they are able to get a loan phone.


Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service ensures you never miss a call, even when you don't have diversions set. It directs your callers to a short announcement that tells them they can leave their number for you by following some easy instructions and using their keypad to answer the prompts.



Multimedia Messaging Service, a flexible messaging service that enables customers to send and receive sound, images, animated images and eventually video from their handset.



Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability to transfer a Mobile Service Number (MSN) from one Carriage Service Provider (CSP) to another and keep the same MSN (Mobile Service Number)



Refers to the name or number of your phone i.e.  7250, GD90,T10



A standard for compressing audio so that it takes up less space for storage or transmission over the Internet. It has to be played back on a special player.



Mobile Service Number- the number associated with your phone and account.



In information technology, a network is a series of points or nodes interconnected by communication paths. Networks can interconnect with other networks and contain sub networks.


Predictive Text

A fast way to type SMS messages, predictive text uses a dictionary function to determine what word you are typing into your phone, rather than having to type SMS one letter at a time.  For more information see your phone user guide or contact your manufacturer.



A Pre-Paid service is one that does not receive bills.  You are able to purchase credit in the form of a voucher and recharge your pre-paid mobile service using this voucher number.



If the PIN code of a SIM Card is entered incorrectly three times in succession, the phone will display "Enter PUK Code" or "SIM Blocked". The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) Code is required to unblock the SIM to allow use. If the incorrect PUK Code is entered into the phone ten times in succession, the SIM is destroyed and unable to be used again. This is also referred to as the SIM being Burnt Out. If the SIM has been destroyed or burnt out a SIM Replacement is required.



The process of adding credits to a pre-paid service.  When Customers want to top up their credits they need to buy a recharge voucher.



In the event of overpayment or credits remaining on an account after cancellation you may request a refund.  Refund times may vary depending on how the amount is to be refunded.



The act of placing a suspended service back on the network and allowing it to have a normal status i.e. make calls, send SMS etc. If an account has been suspended it may be restored by customer service provided that the balance of the account is paid in full. 


Ring Tones

An alert tone usually used to indicate an incoming call. You have a selection of ringtones that you can choose from within the settings of your phone.


Security Settings

A function within a phone that allows you to adjust your PIN and add fixed dialling. See your phone user guide or contact your manufacturer for more information.



The SIM Card is a small chip that is inserted into the cell phone. Instructions on how to insert your SIM Card can be found in your phone manufacturers instruction guide.  Your SIM Card allows you to access the network and contains details about the service. It has the ability to store information such as phone book entries and SMS text messages.



Short Messaging Service. Text message of up to 160 characters.


SMS (Group)

Group SMS enables you to send an SMS text message to a group of up to 20 individuals simultaneously, via their SMS compatible phones.



The process of signing onto another contract at the end of your current contract term - usually onto a new rate plan, and gaining the benefit of a new promotion and\or cell phone.



A messaging service for your cell phone.  You can record your own greeting and nominate the phone to divert to VoiceMail either when it is busy, switched off or not answered.



A specification for a set of communication protocols to standardise the way that wireless devices, such as mobile telephones, can be used for internet access, including e-mail, and the World Wide Web.



Most phone manufacturers offer a twelve month warranty on their phones.

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