General Flight Information

When do I check in and at which terminal?
  • Domestic flights: 1 hour prior to departure.
  • International flights: 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Flights to and from USA: 3 hours prior to departure is recommended
How much luggage can I take with me?
The rules vary between airlines and destinations. Your baggage information is also available in your confirmation email. Please visit your airline website to find out more.
Will my luggage be checked through even though I have a transfer to my final destination?
If you are travelling with the same airline the entire journey, your luggage is most likely to be checked through to your final destination.

However, in some countries, you need to re-check your luggage at the first stop in that country, for example in the United States, Thailand and South Africa.

If you travel on two tickets in order to get to your final destination, please advise the check-in staff to find out if your luggage will be checked through.
What am I not allowed to bring on board?
No cutting tool, metallic or non-metallic, or anything that can be used as a weapon, can be brought into the cabin. We strongly advise you to place all liquids in your checked baggage prior to departure. Please note that you are only permitted to take a maximum of 100ml per item with you in your hand luggage.

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