Average Funeral Costs in South Africa

We take out insurance for the unpredictable things in life – a burst geyser, a cracked windscreen or stolen household items. But what about the inevitable? The last thing you might want to think about is how you want to be laid to rest but a funeral will give friends and family an opportunity to grieve and can be a great way to honour your legacy and celebrate your life.


You might now be asking yourself “what is the cost of a funeral?” and “how much Funeral Cover do I need?”. Determining the average funeral costs in South Africa can be difficult as it depends on religious and cultural customs, the number of people attending the funeral, and the final wishes of the deceased. In the infographic below, we take a closer look at what a burial or cremation in South Africa can cost.


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How would you like to be remembered? Some prefer a funeral where family and friends wear bright colours and release multi-coloured balloons while others want a cremation so that their remains can be scattered in the ocean. But what would it cost? We take a closer look...


The basics


Before we get started, here are some terms you need to know.


A funeral serves to honour a person’s life and to show respect. It’s a ceremony in which a deceased person is buried or cremated.


A burial is when the body of the deceased is buried in a coffin in the earth.


A cremation is when the body of the deceased is burned to ashes. The ashes are usually kept in an urn.


Fast Fact: According to Stats SA a total of 460 236 deaths were recorded in South Africa in 2015.


The casket or coffin


The biggest expense when organising a funeral will most likely be the casket. According to various sources, the plainest coffin could cost a little over R700 while an average casket could cost around R8 000. Top-of-the-range coffins sell for between R37 500 and R50 000 or more.


The grave


When planning a burial, you’ll have to purchase a grave. And, depending on the municipality, grave fees can range from R1 500 to R6 000.


The tombstone


A modest headstone can cost around R1 500 while a more lavish tombstone can cost R7 000 or more.


If you’re planning a cremation, you have the option of a “niche memorial” where the ashes of two loved ones are placed together in a hole inside a hexagonal concrete block. A “niche memorial” can cost around R7 000.


Undertaker fees


Whether you’ve decided on a burial or a cremation, there are some basic undertaker fees that will apply. The funeral home will charge for storage of the body, processing the death- related documents (including the death certificate), preparation of the body, and the use of the hearse. Undertaker fees start at around R4 000.


Keep in mind that if you’ve decided on a cremation that an extra cost (of around R600) will apply in order to get a cremation form from a doctor. The cremation form is different from the death certificate as it serves to confirm that there is no reason why the body cannot be cremated.


Did you know? There are currently more than 100 000 burial societies in South Africa.




Some funeral homes include the cost of the hearse in the undertaker fee but it is always best to confirm that it is included. If the deceased needs to be transported across the border, costs can start at around R10 000 but will depend on the final destination of the body. If you need to arrange transport for attendees, the cost will depend on the region, the distance, and how many people you need transport for.


Food & catering


The catering costs will depend on the number of attendees. Also, keep ceremonial costs in mind. A sacrificial livestock offering can cost R1 000 for a goat or R6 000 for a cow.


Venue & tent hire


If you need to hire a venue for the funeral, costs can range from R400 to R10 000 or more. Hiring a tent can cost anything from R500 to R5 000.


The average cost for a cremation is around R7 000. A private cremation can cost around R5 000 while a chapel cremation starts at around R9 000.




Flowers can add beauty and fragrance to a funeral. They can be placed throughout the church or venue and a special arrangement can be placed on top of the coffin. Prices range from R100 to R5 000 or more. 


Fast Fact: 18.9 million South African adults are covered by a funeral plan.


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