2023 Banking Fees Guide

If you could save a couple hundred bucks a month just by paying closer attention to your bank fees, would you? It's something you don't often think about, but banks are like any other business that charges for its services. In fact, it's one of the main ways banks make money!

Tick these boxes in your 20s, 30s and 40s to enjoy a richer retirement

You're not going to want to hear this this but being smart with your finances when you're young (even though you don't want to act responsibly), really will mean that you don't have to panic when you're older (and have to act responsibly)!

How are You Paying for Your Dream Car? What's the Plan?

Cash isn’t the only option when it comes to buying a car. But, as with any big purchase, it’s important to weigh up your options first.

9 Price Tags That Show the Importance of the Right Funeral Cover

South African funerals aren’t cheap, so having the right amount of Funeral Cover is a very big deal. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers...

What Covid Did to Your Credit Score

You may have avoided contracting Covid — but did your credit score? Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Financial Resolutions That Will Change Your Bank Account

Make smart financial resolutions to help make 2023 your best year yet!

Don’t Let Those (Loan) Sharks Get You

If you’re sinking in a sea of debt, it can be tough to keep the loan sharks at bay. Here’s how to avoid bad choices when it comes to Personal Loans.

The Worst Money Advice (And Why You Should Ignore It)

With a wealth of bad financial advice out there, it pays to know how to separate the rocks from the diamonds. Four independent financial advisors discuss the worst money advice they've heard and share what you should do instead.

2021/22 Banking Fees Guide

Your bank may offer streamlined services, but nothing is for nothing. You're undoubtedly paying bank charges or service fees on each transaction, but these differ from bank to bank so it pays to compare your options.

How Much Credit Card Debt Is Too Much Credit Card Debt?

Get by with a little help from your swipey plastic friend each month? Beware the cost of credit card debt!

How to Use Personal Loans in 2021

Nobody likes going into debt, but right now for many of us taking out a loan is unavoidable. So how do you do it responsibly, without harming your long-term financial health and while also keeping the debt collectors away from your door?

Virtual Banking, Demystified

Bank Zero, Discovery Bank, and TymeBank are upending the South African banking sector. Here’s what you need to know about them, and why you can trust them with your money.

What’s the Best Credit Card for You?

Why is it important to shop around when deciding on or upgrading a credit card? Well, interest rates differ from bank to bank and profile to profile, as do the terms and conditions of each product.

How to Choose the Best Savings Account for You

Saving your money is easier with some banks than with others, with interest rates and bank fees affecting how fast your savings grow. Here’s what to look for when comparing savings accounts to ensure you get what best suits your needs.

Banking Fees Guide for 2020/2021

A bank is just like any business: it’ll charge a fee for its services. These fees – called ‘bank charges’ or ‘service fees’ – differ from bank to bank, though, so it pays to check them whenever you’re comparing your options.

How South Africans Invest (And What’s Probably Best for You)

What are the most popular savings vehicles for South Africans, and what are their pros and cons? We asked two financial planning professionals.

Here’s How South Africans Cut Expenses this Year

Between the global pandemic and the knock-on economic effects, South Africans have had to find ways to make ends meet under trying conditions this year. Most people couldn't rely on loans, so here's what they've done to cope instead.

How to Make Better Decisions – Starting Now

Brain fog, analysis paralysis... The effects of information overload are real. But there are ways you can avoid having your brain curl up into a noodle because it has too much to deal with.

Home Loans and How to Get the Most Out of New Lower Interest Rates

Interest rates have dropped to record lows, meaning that if you're looking to get into the housing market, now is the best time to do so. And if you already have a bond, here's how you can pay off some of it quicker.

What is Debt Counselling & Is It For Me?

Debt counselling was introduced as part of the National Credit Act back in 2007. The reason it exists is simple: to help people who are either in too much debt or soon-to-be over-indebted to repay their outstanding debt through one affordable repayment amount that is agreed with all creditors.

What Is Debt Management?

You may have heard the term debt management. Although it sounds like quite a mouthful, quite simply, debt management is a financial solution that can help manage your debt and ease financial strain. When it comes to debt management, there are two possible solutions to consider: debt counselling or a debt management or consolidation loan. But what is the difference between the two?

How Your Risk Factors Affect What Loans You Can Get

Do you need to get your finances back on track? A personal loan can help, but not all loans are the same. You'll need to know how the bank will determine whether it will grant you a loan, how much you can borrow and what interest rate they'll charge.

Sleep to Cope with COVID-19

The pandemic has negatively impacted many people's incomes, and the financial stress can be causing many sleepless nights. The best decisions are made when the brain is well rested, so make sure you get some shuteye before you start planning your future.

How Worries Around COVID-19 Shape Our Buying Habits

We are living in a state of heightened worry as COVID-19 threatens our health and shuts down economies around the world. Here is how stress may be affecting our ability to make sound decisions during this time, and how we can ensure that we're coping well.

Collecting personal debts from family

This is a tough one. No matter how you approach it, collecting debt from a family member could result in some serious tension and a long-term family feud.

How to Get a Promotion or Increase in 12 Steps

You've got plans. Plans to succeed. Plans to increase your influence at the office. Plans to take home more bacon. The question is: How do you align these plans with how the company views your contributions to its success?

The costs of a newborn’s first weeks

We know it costs a lot of money to have a baby, but have you ever wondered just how much? Hippo.co.za looked at multiple stores and took the average prices of the most common essential baby items.

The Most Common Money Scams in South Africa

In South Africa, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) deals with financial crimes like scams and money laundering. Each year, they release a report on the most common money scams in the country.

Money Saving Tips for National Savings Month

The month of July is National Savings Month, a campaign founded by South African Savings Institute (SASI) in a bid to encourage South Africans to focus on alternative savings solutions. This year’s theme is #crazywaystosave, with the focus firmly on engaging the country’s youth.

Why Do Some People Still Use Cash?

Back in the days, when there were no bank accounts, people used to save their money under the mattress. Cash was the only way to do business and if it was lost it or you were robbed, well, that was just the risk you took having to carry it everywhere. Hippo.co.za takes a look at the different kinds of payment methods available to find out why cash is still king for many.

5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Debt

For a lot of people, staying debt-free is nearly impossible. At some point in your life, you may need credit to buy something, like a house or a car. Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing when used to your advantage. After all, paying off debts on time is the best way to improve or maintain your credit record.

4 Tips Every Young Professional Needs to Read

If you’re like many other South Africans, graduating and getting your first job has required you to move to a new suburb, city, or even province. This time in your life is one of the most exciting and terrifying you’ll ever face.

The First-time Homebuyer’s Guide to Budgeting

Are you surprised to learn that according to Property24, the average age of first-time homebuyers in South Africa is 34 years old? If you’re one of them, you know just how difficult it can be to raise enough money to buy a home.

A Happy Holiday on a Shoestring Budget

If you’re staying home and not travelling this Easter season, you might have a little FOMO if some of your loved ones are going away for the long weekend.

10 Clever Ways to Save for Your Wedding

When planning to say your “I do’s”, it’s difficult not to get swept away in the moment and spend money on unnecessary items . Not budgeting and overspending could affect your financial wellbeing for years to come – not an ideal way to start any marriage.

Your Most Important Day, the Hippo Way

Weddings are a personal reflection of the special couple. A wedding day is a memorable celebration with family and friends as the happy couple sets off on a new life journey. When planning your wedding day, it really is about having your dreams come alive, but that can be pricey. Luckily, hippo.co.za has some awesome money saving tips to help you plan and pay for a dream wedding! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some money left in the bank for the honeymoon?

Tax Tips Every South African Should Know

Tax season started on 1 July, and while many of us don’t enjoy the process, it’s something we just have to get done. Whether you run a business and need to submit a tax return based on your business transactions, or need to submit your tax return purely on an individual basis, there are in fact some ways to make the most of it.

Large Scale Bitcoin scam hits South Africans

According to a report which first appeared on Times Live, an unknown but large number of South Africans were scammed out of millions of rands in an illicit plan involving the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The fraud was on a large enough scale for the Hawks to get involved in May 2018 and their investigation continues.

How to Raise Money-Wise Children

Teaching your children to be smart with money is a vital skill to impart on them. Being able to handle one’s money efficiently and effectively can help set you up for a lifetime of financial freedom. Starting your children’s financial education is then best started as soon as your children can count. The earlier you start, the more interested and confident they will be in managing their money correctly.

Save for a Rainy Day

“Save for a rainy day” has become a common phrase associated with financial advisors. The reason for this is simple; the current economic climate provides little comfort for financial security, especially for those with basic financial understanding.

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