The Key to Healthcare Access in South Africa

South Africa has, in effect, two healthcare systems: public and private. Here’s why access to private offerings is so important – and how Medical Aid helps you get there.

The Truth About Who Owns Hippo and How it Works

Ready to take a bite out of your monthly insurance premiums? Hippo will help you SAVE on everything from Car Insurance to Travel, Medical Aid and more.

Go for the Gap

What on earth is Medical Aid Gap Cover? Think of it as the bridge on an unfinished highway: it's how you complete your hospital journey without doubling down on the pain.

Why is Preventative Care So Important?

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. But very few Medical Aid members know what their free preventative care benefits are — and even fewer claim them. Here's why you should.

The Cost of Staying Loyal to Your Insurer

Loyalty is great... but if you're doggedly sticking to the same insurer without checking if there are better options out there, your loyalty could be coming at a very high cost.

Network Vs Free Choice – Which One’s for You?

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing network cover or the free choice option for medical schemes.

Balloon Payment Hacks

Vehicle financing with a balloon payment is an attractive option, but remember that you'll still have to pay the piper at the end of your term!

Are You Covered for Flood and Water Damage?

The recent, devastating KwaZulu-Natal floods killed hundreds of people and caused damage estimated in the billions of rands. What are the insurance lessons from this disaster?

Are You Over- or Under-Insured?

Are you over-insured, under-insured, or not so sure? Discover the dangers of having too much or too little cover and find out how to get the balance just right.

The Truth Behind Cash-Back Bonuses

To paraphrase the old Dire Straits song, there's no such thing as money for nothin'... particularly when it comes to insurance and no-claim bonuses.

The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

With motorbikes being more fuel-efficient than cars, and scooters being the vehicle of choice for food delivery, we're seeing more and more bikes on the road these days. If you're considering joining the two-wheel brigade, here's what you need to know from an insurance point of view.

You Can Find Better with Hippo

Hippo shakes up the insurance industry by telling consumers: YOU CAN FIND BETTER!

When Did You Last Check Your Tyres?

The state of your tyres plays a major role in your car's roadworthiness and safety. When was the last time you checked them?

Compare, Save and Beat the Interest Rate Hike

South Africa just saw its biggest interest rate hike in 20 years. Feeling the pinch? Here's how you can save money, quickly and easily.

Pet Insurance for Creatures, Great and Small

Pet Insurance is vital for protecting your pup or caring for your cat because expecting the unexpected is a given for any pet owner. But how does it work?

Streaming Entertainment: Compare Your Options

Connected South Africans have access to a wide range of streaming services. Find out which one's best for you (quiz included!).

The Worst Money Advice (And Why You Should Ignore It)

With a wealth of bad financial advice out there, it pays to know how to separate the rocks from the diamonds. Four independent financial advisors discuss the worst money advice they've heard and share what you should do instead.

Want to Go Electric? Read this first!

Over the 12 months of 2012, about 130 000 electric cars were sold worldwide. In 2022, that many are sold in a single week, with 16 million electric vehicles currently on global roads. How does South Africa shape up?

Insuring your Classic Car in South Africa

South Africa's classic car industry is booming. Should you hop onto the trend? And if you do, how do you insure a classic?

How to Save on Fuel

Walk to work? Buy a bike? You'll need better ideas than those if your budget is going to survive the sky-rocketing fuel price. Here are some suggestions.

New Car, Used Car, Cover Your Current Car

It's hard to find a car (new or used) at a good price right now. So why not stick with your current vehicle and buy an extended Motor Warranty to prolong its lifespan?

Driver’s Licence Delays: What They Mean For You

South Africa has a serious driver's licence backlog. What could an expired licence mean for you and your insurance cover?

Don’t Leave Home Without These Travel Apps

Heading out on a road trip? Taking a well-deserved local holiday? Then you'll need these five must-have mobile apps for travellers.

SA’s Most Skelm Insurance Fraudsters

Life insurance fraud is on the rise, and the fraudulent claims are getting more and more brazen. Here are some of the most shocking scams − all of which were foiled.

What Exactly Is ‘Reckless’ Driving?

You know that driving recklessly could derail your Car Insurance claim... but do you know how the law (and your insurer) determine what qualifies as reckless driving?

Is Your Insurance Cover Ready for Climate Change?

As climate change brings more cases of extreme weather, will your home insurance cover weather the storm?

The Best Cars Made in South Africa

Is your car proudly made in South Africa? There's a wealth of car-building expertise in our Republic, with plants manufacturing marques like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Mahindra and more.

2021/22 Banking Fees Guide

Your bank may offer streamlined services, but nothing is for nothing. You're undoubtedly paying bank charges or service fees on each transaction, but these differ from bank to bank so it pays to compare your options.

The New Parents’ Guide to Insurance

There's nothing like having a baby to shift your priorities or catapult your sense of responsibility to another dimension. Among the many major life changes you'll have to make, don't forget your Medical Aid and Life Insurance.

South Africa’s Best (Secret) Beaches

When summer hits, there's only one place to be: the beach! Here are seven hidden gems, where you'll skip the crowds and discover sun, sea, sand... and solitude.

Car Write-Offs: What You Need to Know

How, when, and why would your car be declared a write-off? The answer is more complicated than you'd think.

Best Contract Phones for Under R150 a Month

A cellphone for under R150 per month? Yes please! Take a look at these mobile phones, each available at a pocket-friendly price.

How to (Really) Compare Cellphones

What makes one smartphone better than another? Here are the specs to check when you're comparing two phones side-by-side.

How To Secure Your Computer

Cybercrime is spiking, and your home and work devices, which are often one and the same, need extra protection, especially when it comes to computer safety.

What is Force Majeure?

No, it's not a French superhero. It's what happens when the world goes mad and a company is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations. Find out the meaning of force majeure and how it applies to both insurers and the insured.

Travel 101: Covid Restrictions

Covid-19 travel restrictions are constantly changing. Here's where to find the latest rules around vaccine certificates, vaccine passports, quarantines and Travel Insurance.

7 Switched-on Smartwatch Hacks

Wearable tech's popularity is growing by the day... But do you really know what your smartwatch can do? Here are some of the lesser-known smartwatch features that'll help you hit your goals for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Your Car Crash Checklist

Regardless of whether it's a fender-bender or a write-off, you must cover all your bases when you have a car accident. Keep on top of things with this handy checklist.

Insurance: Use It or Lose It?

Are you wasting precious rands on insurance for items you no longer use or services you don't need? You probably are. Here's how to spring clean your insurance – no matter the season.

Vaping vs Smoking: How It Affects Your Life Insurance

Is vaping bad for you? Or is it different to smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes? And how does it affect your Life Insurance premium?

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