Is it Time to Book an Eye Test?

Between screens, screens and more screens, your eye care is probably not at its best and are quietly taking a beating. Here's how to practise proper eye care for your baby blues, greens or browns.

The Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Grab your popcorn, dust off your business plan and get inspired to start your small business – Hollywood style.

Your Pet Vaccination Checklist

"Vaccination" is undeniably a 2021 buzzword. But for once, we're not talking Covid-19; rather, our focus is on pet vaccinations. Here's a handy checklist to keep up to date with your furbabies' vaccinations and booster shots.

Apps to Boost Your Mood and Mental Health

Between the uncertainties of living in a pandemic and the constant demands of modern life, it's a wonder any of us are coping at all. Use these mental health apps to get a much-needed dose of calm and mindfulness.

Best Car in SA based on the Car of the Year Award

Over the course of the past decade, Porsche has claimed the South African Car of the Year (Coty) title four times. 2020's winner was the Jaguar I-PACE, which costs about the same as a two-bedroom apartment in northern Joburg. Much like the glory days of Top Gear, you'd be forgiven for thinking that SA's Coty jurors had become... what's a nice way of saying this?... out of touch.

South Africa’s Best (Overlooked) Routes

Explore some lesser-known parts of this great land along these out-of-the-way local tourist routes.

What’s the deal with third-party insurance?

Third-party cover is an affordable and attractive car insurance option for many drivers. Here's a look at how it works.

The Sparkling Truth About Jewellery Insurance

Not sure how best to cover your beautiful bling? Here's what you need to know about how – and why – to insure your jewellery.

The Best Cars to Drive in SA's Major Cities

Some are easy going, others have bumps and potholes at every turn. Like South Africans themselves, the nation's roads all have their own unique personalities. So, which cars are best for handling the idiosyncrasies of each major city centre?

5 African Getaways to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Plan a holiday around a novel African experience you'll never forget – from a gorilla adventure in Rwanda to a beach escape on the coast of Zanzibar.

Avoid These Insurance Horror Stories

Which is scarier: spooky movie monsters or insurance claims that go frighteningly wrong? We know which one sends chills down our spines...

Your Cure for Cabin Fever

Tired of being cooped up through lockdown? Try spending some getaway time in an eco cabin. They're good for the earth... and great for your soul.

How to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Are there parts of your home where the Wi-Fi doesn't reach? Consider a Wi-Fi booster or extender.

(App)reciate the great outdoors

Your tech doesn't have to turn you into a blue-screen hermit who never leaves the house. Use these mobile apps to maximise your outdoor fitness adventures.

Get Fast Internet (That Isn’t Fibre)

Can't convince a service provider to route a fibre cable your way? Here are some super-fast alternative ways to get your home online.

What Happens When Your Kid Starts Driving?

You're psyching yourself up for when your kids take the wheel. Should your insurer be doing the same?

What Car Can You Afford on South Africa’s Average Salary?

It's a simple question... but the answer's pretty complicated. Here's a look at your options.

Online Shopping Fails (And How To Avoid Them)

Online shopping is quick, convenient and fail-safe. Except for when it isn't. Here's a look at some of the worst online shopping mishaps, plus a handy guide on how to avoid becoming the butt of the joke yourself.

What Does It Mean to Be Under Debt Review?

More and more South Africans are using debt counselling to resolve their financial worries. Here's how it affects your day-to-day money matters.

Does Your Medical Aid Cover Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is a complementary approach to medicine built on the core belief that the body can heal itself using natural remedies prescribed in small doses. But how do medical aid plans feel about this 'like cures like' homeopathic treatment?

Netflix Hacks to Amp Up Your Fibre Streaming

From secret codes to hidden features, here's how to get the most out of your fibre-enabled streaming experience.

Dog Bites: The Insurance Risk

What happens if your dog bites someone and they take you to court for damages? Here's a look at an often-ignored aspect of liability insurance.

Drive Like a Tourist on These Epic Road Trips

Want to explore South Africa, but worried that you don't have the right set of wheels? No problem: simply rent a car and drive off into the sunset!

Strange Insurance Claims: The Friends & Family Edition

From flying livestock to indoor beaches, these strange-but-true insurance claims – all involving friends, lovers and family – prove the value of being covered for absolutely any eventuality.

The Science of Regrets

From facepalm mistakes to unfulfilled dreams, regrets are a part of life. But what makes some regrets more painful than others, and how can we turn our dreams into reality? Researchers and psychologists have a few ideas...

South Africa’s Strangest Road Signs

Your local road trip is about to take an unexpected turn, thanks to these road signs that lead to South Africa's hidden holiday treasures.

Pet Peeve? The Truth About Dog Registration

The Western Cape's mandatory dog and horse registration may soon extend to smaller animals. What does this really mean for pet owners in the Cape?

Can You Insure a Self-driving Car?

If a self-driving car has an accident, who's responsible: the manufacturer, owner or operator? Well, the answer is complicated.

Read the Small Print

Read the fine print, they say. Yeah, yeah, you think. But these strange tales prove the value of familiarising yourself with those good old T's and C's.

Hippo Regret Monsters Survey: What South Africans Say

Regrets? Maybe you've had a few. But – as the Regret Monsters Survey shows – you're not alone. Here's a look at the results, and what you can learn from them.

The Health Perks of Charity Work

Doing charity work as a volunteer, whether on Mandela Day or simply in your spare time, is known to have health benefits. Here are some of the reasons why it's so good to be – and do – good.

What Makes a Great Work-from-home City?

Cape Town is rated among the world's best work-from-home locations. But what exactly constitutes the ideal setting for remote work, and which other South African locations tick the boxes?

South Africa’s Deadliest Roads

Planning a road trip? These are the stretches of tar to avoid or, failing that, the roads where you'll need to be extra careful.

Used-car Warning Signs

Looking to buy a second-had car? Here's how to make sure the deal isn't too good to be true.

The Best Online Games You’re Not Playing

Who needs an expensive gaming console when you have a lightning-fast home internet connection? Power up your fibre and kill some time with these epic (and entirely free) online games.

7 Health Regrets and How to Avoid Them

Save your future self (and your future health) by taking care of these common medical warnings.

The Biggest Insurance Payouts Ever

Think your insurance company is going to stress about paying for your cracked cellphone screen? Trust us: they've seen worse.

10 Local Plekkies That Feel Like Exotic Destinations

The travel bug is biting, but you're not yet willing/able to travel internationally. Moenie worry nie, as the locals say: South Africa has loads of places that are just as amazing as anything the rest of the world has to offer.

Claiming from Insurance? Don’t Wait Too Long…

If you need to file an insurance claim, don't dawdle. If you fail to get your paperwork in on time, your claim could be rejected – and it only gets worse from there.

Free Tools to Boost Your Business

Use these digital platforms to save money and grow your SME or side hustle. Best of all? They're gratis – mahala!

Avoid these Data Wasters

We're all using more data – which ain't cheap – so be smart, get connected properly and make the most of your megs.

Are You Covered for Damage Caused by Riots and Looting?

Not sure if your home, car or business is covered for damages caused by riots and looting? SASRIA provides cover for exactly those kinds of events – and if you have existing short-term insurance cover, it's possible that you have it already.

Weird Body Stuff (That's Totally Normal)

Before you dash off to the doctor, read this and see if that strange ache, pain or rash is something you really need to worry about.

Pets: Is it better to adopt or shop?

Pets become an important part of the family, so how they're brought into your world matters when it comes to the care and support systems you put in place for them.

Fight the Power

What's worse than load shedding? Well, several things – and having your freezer fried by a post-load-shedding power surge is right up there. Does your insurance cover you for damage to your precious electronics in the event of a current calamity?

The Weirdest Insurance Policies You Can Actually Take Out

Your car is covered, your house is covered... Heck, there's even insurance for your health (and your pet's!). Here, though, are some of the oddball insurance policies you almost definitely don't have.

Hybrids & EVs, Compared and Insured

Plugging in and powering up is the future of mobility – but what does it cost to switch to electric vehicles?

The Insurance Problem with Working from Home

Working from home? Running a small business from your spare room? Then you'll need to read this – and you'll need to speak to your insurance company.

Amazing Holidays You Can Enjoy from Home

Stuck on a staycation? Need some travel inspiration? Here, thanks to some well-placed webcams, are 10 local getaways you can enjoy without leaving your couch.

South Africa’s Best/Weirdest #Selfie Spots

A huge pineapple? A brew with a view? A house shaped like a shoe? Your Insta feed is about to take a left turn.

Why Full Disclosure Is So Important

You've done stuff. Maybe it was heroic; maybe you're not too proud of it. Either way, you need to disclose your full insurance history when you take up a new insurance policy.

Weird Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Will (And Won’t) Be Rejected

Insurers aren't looking to catch you out, but they do expect your car to be roadworthy and you to drive responsibly. We'll highlight the avoidable (but often overlooked) factors and decisions that could see your claim denied.

5 Bonkers Travel Insurance Claims

Planning a post-pandemic holiday trip? Good idea. Planning on going without travel insurance? Very, very bad idea. Strange things happen in foreign lands – as these (possibly) true stories show.

Who Gets Your Retirement Savings?

Your retirement fund savings are a huge portion of your wealth. But if you think you have the final say on who inherits the money when you die, you're sadly mistaken.

Yes, Celebs Really Had These Body Parts Insured

Hands, legs, smiles, boobs, bottoms... they're the tools of an entertainer's trade and – like any business asset – they need business insurance cover.

Short-term Insurance vs Long-term Insurance

Learn what the definitions of short-term insurance and long-term insurance are, and what the differences are in terms of which products they each cover and how they're governed.

Sibongile Mafu’s Guilty-pleasure Shows to Put Your Wi-Fi to Good Use

Thanks to home fibre connections and streaming services, we're all watching more television now than ever before. But how do you decide what to watch when the buffet table is creaking under the weight of so much good stuff? Sibongile Mafu lets us in on the TV guilty pleasures you need to stream right now.

How #Oversharing Could Sink Your Insurance Claim

Your friends, family, employers and prospective partners are all watching your social media accounts. Don't be surprised if your insurer does the same.

Do Influencers Need Insurance Cover?

Doctors have medical malpractice insurance, a specialised type of professional liability insurance that covers them if something dreadful happens and a patient (or a patient's surviving relatives) sues them. Should social media influencers have something similar?

The Strange Case of the Car, the Crash, the Claim and the Missing Photographs

A recent car insurance case, and its ruling by the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, carries a stark warning for people who are not great with their paperwork.

How to Compare Medical Aids in 2021

COVID-19 threw a curveball at medical aid schemes in 2020, and they're changing their benefits and costs to cope. Here's what to consider and compare to find out how much medical aid is really going to cost you in 2021.

Plan Your 2021 with Mental Health in Mind

Your mental health is pretty vital. And in these strange and uncertain times, it's even more important to make sure you're really looking after yourself...

How Much Credit Card Debt Is Too Much Credit Card Debt?

Get by with a little help from your swipey plastic friend each month? Beware the cost of credit card debt!

How These Small Businesses Made It in 2020

COVID-19's grip on the world forced many small businesses into survival mode. We asked four small-business owners to share their survival tips – digital and otherwise – so that you too can take on another year, which alarmingly looks poised to bring us more of the same, with more confidence.

Preparing for the Inevitable: Life Insurance vs Funeral Cover

Life Insurance or Funeral Cover: which one better serves the need to protect you and your family?

How to Use Personal Loans in 2021

Nobody likes going into debt, but right now for many of us taking out a loan is unavoidable. So how do you do it responsibly, without harming your long-term financial health and while also keeping the debt collectors away from your door?

This Is Why a Funeral Can Ruin Your Bank Balance

South Africa has some of the highest funeral costs in the world. Know what your loved ones might need to pay for when you pass on and what your funeral policies cover so that they're not caught by surprise during their time of grief.

Car Accidents During Curfew – Can a Car Insurance Claim Be Rejected by Your Insurer?

The good news is your car insurance should still cover you if you are involved in an accident after curfew. But there's a catch...

Working from Home Is Inevitable. Are You Prepared This Time Around?

More people than ever before were using fibre internet (otherwise known as fibre to the home, or FTTH) in their homes last year, as we've all had to adjust to working (and learning, and playing, and everything else) from home during the pandemic. With nationwide vaccine rollouts and herd immunity still a long way off, 2021 could be another year of working from home for many of us, and if you don't have a fibre connection yet, here's what you need to consider.

Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Financing

Buying your very own first car is a big deal, so before you take the leap, think about how it's going to hit your pocket. Read on to find out how to finance your first car and what to budget for.

Guide to Driver’s Licence Rules in 2021

The time has come for you to renew your driver's licence and you're probably already dreading dealing with all the admin, especially given the complications of the COVID-19 lockdown. Our quick guide to renewing your driver's licence will help you get it done in no time.

Under 35? Here’s Why You Should Take out a Life Insurance Policy

It's a financial product most young people dismiss, but in fact it tends to be cheaper and more comprehensive for them. Here are some pointers to help you see why you should invest in life cover at your earliest convenience.

If I Travel and Get Stuck in Lockdown, Will My Medical Aid And/or Travel Insurance Cover Me?

Local and international travel will continue to carry certain risks in 2021. What are your options if your trip is derailed?

Maintaining Your Car Is Getting Cheaper, but Not Necessarily Easier

A seismic shift occurred in the South African car market at the end of 2020, as the Competition Commission released new regulations concerning vehicle servicing and maintenance. Informally known as the Right to Repair, it permits car owners to use any service provider and non-original parts to maintain their vehicles – without losing their manufacturer warranty.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is on the Prescribed Minimum Benefit List. What Does It Mean for You?

What does the COVID-19 vaccine’s listing as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit mean for you as a medical scheme member?

Is a Balloon Payment Right for Me?

Are you a good candidate for a vehicle-finance deal that includes a final large – and potentially eye-popping – sum of money due at its conclusion, or should you rather avoid it? Read on before you jump into it.

Long COVID: What to Expect from Your Medical Aid

COVID-19 treatment has been listed as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) condition for medical scheme members by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS). But what does this mean for you if you get 'long COVID', where you find yourself still experiencing symptoms months after you 'recover' from the initial period of sickness? Will your medical aid cover you?

Virtual Banking, Demystified

Bank Zero, Discovery Bank, and TymeBank are upending the South African banking sector. Here’s what you need to know about them, and why you can trust them with your money.

Is Your Car Insurance Road Trip-Ready?

After all those long months of lockdown and #WFH, you may have switched to a cheaper car insurance option. If you’re going to be on the road a lot more in 2021, make sure your insurance policy has you covered for every eventuality.

How a High Excess on Your Car Insurance Can Work for You

Here’s how excess on your car insurance works – and how it can save you money, if you’re a smart saver!

The True Cost of Owning a Car

The cost of running a car isn’t simply the price of your monthly instalment – there’s plenty more to consider.

Could This Actually Be a Great Time to Buy a New Car?

You’re working from home, spending a lot less time in traffic, and not driving nearly as much as you used to. Yet this might be the best time to buy a new car.

What’s the Best Credit Card for You?

Why is it important to shop around when deciding on or upgrading a credit card? Well, interest rates differ from bank to bank and profile to profile, as do the terms and conditions of each product.

Here’s How to Find the Right Hospital Plan for You

Hospital plans aren’t all created equal. Here’s what you need to know before you make your choice, and what to do when you are ready to make it.

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