Hippo Found the Ultimate Bok Legend to Kick High Insurance Prices

Frans Steyn teams up with hippo


In our constant quest to get every Bok-loving, braai-starting, loadshedding-defying South African to get the insurance they deserve, we got legendary Springbok Frans Steyn to team up with Hippo for our new campaign. It's controversial, it's confrontational and it's cool. Just like Frans.


Hippo got together with Frans Steyn to kick unnecessarily high insurance prices OUT. The long range kicker, heavy tackler and the best all round rugby player of all time agreed to show South Africans that you don't need to accept one car insurance quote, rather get 10 competitive quotes in 2 minutes online with Hippo to prove that there's always another way to score.



Frans, being the legend he is, dedicated himself to South Africans' desire to get a better deal. So they don't spend money on things they don't like paying for, to have more money for the things they love. Like watching the rugby with family and friends, data for watching Frans Steyn highlights on YouTube and just generally enjoying the best parts of Mzansi life.


So, don't just listen to the insurer who tells you they are the cheapest. Rather compare car insurance quotes side by side to see if you're really getting the best and you can also kick expensive insurance OUT!


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice. 

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