How Comparison Makes Life Choices Easier

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Hot dogs or boerewors rolls? Wine or beer? TV or books? Should be easy to answer, right? Here's what happened when we actually asked...


Not long ago, but before COVID-19 and lockdown, we approached South Africans in Johannesburg and Cape Town with some very simple questions: Same phone forever, or same haircut? Hot dogs or boerewors rolls? Name a white person. Would you rather have fast internet or running water?


Watch: Life Choices: Cape Town



And the result was always the same! First a look of confusion, then "umm....". But, you know, we get it. The human brain does a strange thing under pressure, making what should be a straightforward and easy choice appear very hard. Whether it's a question about where to go for lunch or what choice would be best to secure your financial future, it can seem impossible in the moment. And you probably saw that in the comments when you came across these videos on social media.


When asked to choose between eating spaghetti with a spoon forever and eating pizza with chopsticks, one guy said, "Eat with my hands. LOL." And when asked if they would give up their cellphone or pet, another said, "Ek gee nie 1 van hulle op nie!" (I wouldn't give up either one of them!) Decisions, decisions...


Watch: Life Choices: Johannesburg



But whatever question we asked, the votes for either option were evenly split. (Ok, except for the question about living without water or the internet. Maybe that was too easy!) But ask anything else and the answer really depends on the individual's perspective, because how it goes in life, right? What may be a good choice to you may be a dud for the other guy.


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