MonthEnd Anthem: A Drop

MonthEnd hippo drop featuring Toss Loufi and Chad Jones

We've got something exciting to share with you! Did you know that a staggering 80% of consumers find themselves cash-strapped just 5 days after payday*? It's a common struggle that most of us face every month. But worry not, because has the perfect solution to help you overcome the financial hurdles and make the most of your hard-earned money. Our brand-new track featuring Toss, Loufi, and Chad Jones, produced by Peach van Pletzen, sheds light on this relatable struggle and sets the stage for our MonthEnd Anthem. In this article, we'll dive into the details of our MonthEnd Anthem and how it can transform your month-end blues.


Our Epic MonthEnd Anthem

Our talented artists have collaborated to create the epic MonthEnd Anthem. Our video highlights the all-too-familiar scenarios of bidding farewell to luxuries like Uber Eats and that delicious Streetwise 3 from your favorite fast-food joint. It even touches on the bittersweet reality of having no salary. With catchy tunes and relatable lyrics, the MonthEnd Anthem will have you dancing and singing along. But here's the good news— is here to help you tackle these challenges and make your money go further.



Save Money for the Things You Love

No one likes making grudge purchases—those necessary expenses that eat into your budget. We understand that adulting can be tough, and having no cash left for luxuries like entertainment, fast food, or even data can be disheartening. But with you can save those hard-earned rands and spend on the things you truly love. By comparing multiple products on, such as car insurance, medical aid, and funeral cover, you could save nearly R600 every month*. Imagine having more in your pocket for the things that bring you joy!

Say Goodbye to the Month-End Money Crunch

No more stressing over the month-end money crunch. With you can bid farewell to financial worries and enjoy peace of mind. Take advantage of our services, compare and save your salary to allocate the savings portion of your income to splurge on what you truly love and be able to navigate the month-end blues with ease.


The month-end money crunch is a common struggle. Our brand-new track featuring Toss, Loufi, and Chad Jones captures the essence of the financial hurdles we all encounter. By taking advantage of the savings opportunities available on, you can bid farewell to grudge purchases and prioritize the things you truly love. Say goodbye to cash-strapped days after payday and hello to a brighter financial future. Start saving on car insurance, medical aid, and more by visiting today!


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice. 

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* Based on independent research by Kaufman Levin & Associates, 2022.

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