10 movie scenes where insurance would have helped

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself; “Gee, I wonder if they’ve got insurance?” Today we look at 10 classic movie scenes where insurance would most likely have paid off had they been insured.

 10 movie scenes where insurance would have helped


1. Mad Max (vehicle insurance)

Car insurance could be essential in almost any car chase but nothing quite sums up the damage and destruction witnessed by Mel Gibson, not only in his private life but also in his first ever action thriller, Mad Max.

A deadly 13-minute car chase leads the introductory scene through a variety of crashes and wrecks including: a police car, a van, a caravan, a motorcycle and a stolen V8 interceptor. We’re not too sure how much the MFP (Main Force Patrol) had invested in vehicle insurance but we’re hoping it would have been enough to keep Fifi from looking for new cadets. You can find a shortened version of the scene here.

2. Waiting (health insurance)

Movies often represent real life or are mimicked in real life. You’d better have some good health insurance because you can easily get sick when eating at a dodgy restaurant. Don’t believe us? When was the last time you arrived a few minutes before closing time at your favourite family restaurant?  Because in Waiting, things like this happen all the time… We cannot elaborate much more into this not-fit-for-family movie but here’s a safe for work clip to give you an idea about what we mean.

3. Eight heads in a duffel bag (life insurance)

If you come out surviving the 5 second rule, you may want to take out life insurance and if you happen to be rather healthy, you may want to consider a policy for grandma, especially for those times when she refuses to give you some peace and quiet on those long roadtrips… In other words anybody remember 8 heads in a duffel bag?


Eight heads in a duffel bag

4. Office Space (business insurance)

 As if dealing with the stress of grandma wasn’t enough, you may be working for a boss that just doesn’t ever cut you any slack, as was the case with Peter Gibbons in the movie Office Space. An overworked and underpaid office clerk has a boss that doesn’t know what a weekend is. To add to his pain and suffering, there happens to be a particular printer that dislikes his co-workers. Suffice to say, the printer eventually meets its fate. We’re pretty sure that his boss, Lumbergh, the head of the company, would probably have considered getting business insurance if he’d know how unhappy his employees really were but then again… probably not.


5. Fight Club (building insurance)


Sometimes people make rash decisions, especially when an imaginary friend who sells soap for a living entices you into destroying an entire apartment block and several corporate buildings.


building falling



6. Joe Dirt (health insurance)


Then again, for some, life just doesn’t work out as was the case with everybody’s underdog hero: Joe dirt. Joe spends his adventure in search of his lost family when he comes across what seems to be an upright and law abiding member of society. Unfortunately sometimes appearances can be deceiving and Joe finds himself in the company of a deranged cross dresser who’s a fan of Dr. Lecter. All we can say is, although health insurance may not cover psychiatric treatment it could still have been useful.  At least Joe still moisturises!



7. Godzilla (building insurance)


Imagine your city comes under attack from a genetically mutated sea creature due to radiation. It can happen to your brother’s pet iguana because let’s face it, with the amount of depleted uranium seeded around this earth, it’s no surprise that there would be a hefty fine to be paid.. A good building insurance would have helped put all the pieces back together, again.


 8. Jaws (life insurance)


Big city life doesn’t suit all but even small fishing towns can be dangerous places to live. Considering the fact that our oceans are teeming with wildlife we are yet to discover, it’s not too difficult to imagine that somewhere out there is a massive shark just waiting to gobble up devour any unsuspecting fisherman.




9. This is Spinal Tap

(life insurance)

rock band


According to their fans, Spinal Tap has been listed as one of the most iconic rock bands of the 20th century. Marred with interpersonal difficulties between the members of the band and their challenges in adjusting to changing times, Spinal Tap seems to have it tough, The fact that they have experienced the deaths of several drummers throughout their career sounds like they’ve had a very bad few decades. Had the band taken out some life insurance, they’d probably be billionaires – although we may have to check on the paperwork involved in a spontaneous combustion claim.



10. Kung Pow (hospital insurance)


Steve Oedekerk also conveys the issue of mortality in is his masterpiece, Kung Pow… Although the dubbing is out, nothing sums up the insecurity of knowing whether or not somebody will live or die quite like this scene does.  Remember, a good hospital plan may save you if you’re unfortunate enough to come across somebody who can’t tell the difference between life and death.

To conclude, we can learn a lot of things from the movies. Perhaps art mimics life more than we realise and it’s best we’re always prepared. Having something to fall back on is often all we have if we’re fortunate enough to be insured. So in ending this article we ask you:


what are you waiting for

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