Strange Insurance Claims: The Friends & Family Edition

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From flying livestock to indoor beaches, these strange-but-true insurance claims – all involving friends, lovers and family – prove the value of being covered for absolutely any eventuality.


Friends, lovers... Flying cows? As we celebrate the joys of strong relationships during these uncertain times, it's worth looking back at a few moments when misadventures with #besties ended up in strange insurance claims. After all, with friends like these, you'll definitely need the right insurance cover.


When Cows Fly


Picture the scene. You're at your friends' wedding, having the time of your life. The bride arrives in a helicopter and the party only gets better from there... Until it's time to go home. Waving farewell, the bride and groom board said helicopter, ready to fly off into the sunset. But as they do, the updraft from the chopper catapults a passing cow into the air. Not only does the cow go flying, but it also makes its landing on your car, significantly damaging your bonnet and windscreen.


The cow, we're happy to report, lived to see another day. The car? Not so much. Luckily for the client in this bizarre story, his insurance company paid out in full. They must have been "moo-ved" by his story.


Road Regret


Friends who drive together... Should remember to keep a three-second following distance. In a true event that sounds like the worst ever Top Gear episode, three American friends – classic car aficionados all – decided to drive in convoy to a car show. Stretching their wheels (a Chevrolet Nova, Caprice and Chevelle), the friend in front suddenly had to slam on the brakes. Friend Two duly crashed right into him, only for – you guessed it – Friend Three to come clattering in to complete the Chevy sandwich. McKeel Hagerty, CEO of US insurer Hagerty, put it best: "We only deal with classics, so we just never know what we're going to hear on the other end of that telephone call. But we're ready for anything."


Bringing The Beach Indoors


Sometimes college kids really do live up to their wild reputations. One such group of friends rented a property in Spain for a few weeks and decided it would be a great idea to take their beach party home (especially since, according to them, the beach "hadn't lived up to their expectations"). When the landlord returned a few weeks later, he was decidedly less enthused by the idea. Shocked to find sand and water all over his apartment, he submitted a successful insurance claim.


Never Too Old To Impress Your Friends


A UK man was so excited to show his new grandson off to his friends on Skype that he held the baby up high to the camera. What he didn't bargain on, was the baby throwing up all over his nifty laptop. No need to get sick over it though: the insurer paid for a new laptop, valued at over R8 700. According to Peter Corfield, then MD at UK insurer RIAS, "Not all claims are straightforward and sometimes we do see some bizarre scenarios. But, saying that, babies and animals are often the culprits."


You could certainly add friends to that list.


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