The Truth About Who Owns Hippo and How it Works

Truth About Who Owns Hippo and How it Works - Hippo Insurance

Ready to take a bite out of your monthly insurance premiums? Hippo will help you SAVE on everything from Car Insurance to Travel, Medical Aid and more.

Did you know that is part of an insurance group that has access to international expertise, which in turn provides a huge benefit to you, the consumer? is part of the Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH) family, which does include insurance brands. However, we're good kids and we play nicely with others... so all leading brands are welcome to hop aboard our comparison platform (in fact, 93% of our partners aren't part of TIH).

This means our customers don't only get great insurance deals online through our trusted partners, but also find unbeatable comparative quotes for a huge variety of services, from Life Insurance and Funeral Cover to Fibre... all at the click of a button. Cool huh?

Fact vs fiction

We respect free speech. It's a democratic right. But the advertising space is hugely competitive, and every advertiser wants your attention, so it's easy to get confused or misled... and it's hard to know who your friends are., as you'll see, is your friend.

Here's why:

  1. We are not an insurance company.
  2. We do not own or give preference to any insurance brands.
  3. We give you, the customer, the facts so you can decide which is the best deal. We don't decide for you.
  4. The price you see is the price you get.
  5. We rank our results by price... but we show all results, from lowest to highest, so that you have a full range of options to choose from.
  6. We are owned by TIH, but other brands are welcome to join our platform (and we ask them to... often!)

These are some more facts:

  • We're an online service that gives you super-quick access to the cheapest brand rates and prices.
  • We're 100% impartial to every brand we list (so don't shoot the messenger!).
  • You can get 11 quotes in 2 minutes.

Simply put, we're a consumer champion. We work for you. We don't work for insurers.

Why we're your friend (we don't bite)

  • is absolutely free (no fees, nada). We make money by charging the brand a fee you choose to find out more about. There's no commission and that fee won't ever be passed onto you.
  • Because our comparisons are ranked by price, you'll know pretty quickly which options gives you the best value.
  • By comparing different insurance and other brands on one website, you can make an informed decision on the service that'll work for you, without wasting your time visiting individual websites or throwing away your hard-earned money by using a service that could be cheaper.
  • Our strict policy means all brands listed on our website are 100% honest about their prices (no fine print to ‘trick' you).

Full disclosure: We don't have all the big brands on our site – not even when it comes to comparing insurance. We'd love to have all the brands join – it would only make comparing better – but they've declined our invite. That does get you thinking about why these brands don't want their prices compared. And it should! Trust and transparency is more important than ever before.

Let's look at stats, shall we?

More than 300 000 South Africans have found better Car Insurance by using Hippo.
We can save you around R497 every month on Car Insurance.

So, while this Hippo may look all cuddly and soft, we help South Africans get the best deals on the big adult stuff like insurance.

(PS: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog).

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.


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