Weird Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Will (And Won’t) Be Rejected

Fluffy novelty slippers car insurance rejections


Insurers aren't looking to catch you out, but they do expect your car to be roadworthy and you to drive responsibly. We'll highlight the avoidable (but often overlooked) factors and decisions that could see your claim denied.


Even if you have a rock-solid case, you'll always have a twinge of anxiety when you file a car insurance claim. Will they pay out, or did you miss some random exclusion in the small print? Let's unpack some of the reasons why a car insurance claim might not be paid out, along with some cases where you might think you're not covered, but – despite your doubts – probably are.


The insurance company never inspected the vehicle? Problem.


Most insurers will insist that your car is inspected when you take out a policy so that they can check for any pre-existing damage. If that inspection is not done, and if the car is then damaged in an accident, the contract won't be valid in this case and your insurance claim will be rejected.


You were driving while wearing bunny slippers? That shouldn't be a problem.


Whether you were driving barefoot, in flip-flops or in your novelty fluffy pink bunny slippers when that damn fool crashed into you, it shouldn't affect your claim.


Your windscreen wipers are kaput? Problem.


If your car's windscreen is damaged, if the windows aren't opening or closing as they should or – here it is – if the windscreen wipers aren't working, then it means your car is not roadworthy and your insurance claim will almost certainly be rejected.


You were driving with an unopened bottle of Tequila rolling around under the passenger seat? No problem...


As long as you weren't chugging any of the good stuff while driving, and as long as you weren't driving under the influence of alcohol, you'll be covered. (But you probably also shouldn't do this because it'll look bad regardless of how sober you actually are. Right?)


The back door has... erm... character? Problem.


If by 'character' you mean it's rusted and/or doesn't open so lekker. Again, it comes down to roadworthiness. Rust damage to the vehicle's body or chassis, doors that aren't firmly attached at the hinges, a busted odometer or speedometer, finicky lights, temperamental brakes, wheel alignment out of whack... Those are all signs that your vehicle is not roadworthy, which means your insurance claim will probably not be paid.


You lost your keys? No problem.


Most car insurance policies will cover you if your car key is lost or stolen, or if it's damaged in an accident. (It is, however, always best to double-check.)


You parked your car outside in a hailstorm? No problem.


One of the joys of living in South Africa's interior is the apocalyptic hailstorms. Fortunately, even if the heavens rain down ice blocks the size of soccer balls, hail damage is a common inclusion in most insurance policies and you should be covered.


Your car is (or isn't) written off in an accident? Could be a problem.


Some car insurance policies specifically include or exclude certain kinds of cover. For example, write-off cover only applies if your car is actually written off in an accident. If it isn't written off, that write-off claim will likely be rejected.


See? Car insurance is there to protect you – and most policies are perfectly reasonable. To make sure you're getting the best deal on your car insurance, compare quotes using our free, no-obligation online car insurance comparison platform. We've got a motor warranty quotes comparison tool too, if you're interested.


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.

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