Yes, Celebs Really Had These Body Parts Insured

Woman insures her legs like Taylor Swift


Hands, legs, smiles, boobs, bottoms... they're the tools of an entertainer's trade and – like any business asset – they need business insurance cover.


Back in the 1920s, Hollywood silent-movie star Ben Turpin became famous for his cross-eyed squint. So famous, in fact, that he built his career on it, eventually taking out a $20,000 insurance policy just in case something dreadful happened and his eyes went straight. So began a thriving business of celebrities having their body parts insured.


Here's a look at some of the most famous ones.


Taylor Swift's legs


In 2015, megastar Taylor Swift posted a picture of a scratch left on her leg by her cat Meredith, accompanied by the caption: 'Great work, Meredith, I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars.' It wasn't a lyric off her Red album; it was a reference to the $40 million insurance policy taken out on her legs ahead of her world tour, in case an injury prevented her from going on stage.


Heidi Klum's legs


TayTay was following in the leggy footsteps of supermodel Heidi Klum, who told Extra TV in 2011 that one of her clients had insured her legs on her behalf for $2 million. Technically, it was $2.2 million: the right one for $1.2 million and the left one for $1 million. 'I had one scar here from when I fell on a glass,' she said, pointing to her left peg. 'So this one isn't as pricey as (points to right one) this one.'


Keith Richards' hands


Keef, the immortal Rolling Stones guitarist, took out a £1.6 million insurance policy with Lloyd's of London, covering his hands. As he told Fortune magazine, what a shame it would be if he lost either of them. 'These,' he said, holding them up, 'are my business.'


Madonna's breasts


No, that's not a shameless attempt at upping SEO clicks. The Queen of Pop really did get the contents of her famous 34C cone bra insured for $900,000 each, or $1.8 million for the pair. (Our online research team couldn't confirm the exact figure, as they regrettably googled 'Madonna breasts' using a work computer and are now in a very awkward meeting with HR.)


Not Tom Jones's chest hair


Some controversy here, as the Sexiest Man Who Ever Lived (ask your granny, she'll confirm this) was reported to have had his fabulous chest rug insured for $3.5 million. Sir Thomas himself subsequently issued a statement on his website denying this, but the rumours persist.


Daniel Craig's entire body


Like the rest of the items on this list, James Bond actor Daniel Craig's $9.5 million full-body insurance policy was entirely practical and business-related. When he started filming 2008's Quantum of Solace, film company EON Productions knew that he'd be doing a lot of his own stunts, so they took out an insurance policy on the production's most important asset, just in case something went wrong on set.


Kim Kardashian's butt


When Kim Kardashian's famous tush became one of her trademark assets, the reality TV star-slash-busineswoman-slash-socialite took out a $21 million policy to help protect her business. Aussie pop icon Kylie Minogue did something similar, covering her ass (in a manner of speaking) for $5 million. 'You never know what the future holds,' Kylie said, in words that applied equally to Kimmie K. 'It could become a pear.'


Rihanna's legs


Back in 2007, Rihanna won the Gillette Venus Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award, which we've just learnt is an actual thing. With that coveted title (who needs multiple Grammys, right?) came an automatic $1 million insurance policy. Rihanna wasn't sure what to make of it. As she said to The Guardian, 'I think, "Do people really insure their legs for a million dollars?" If it was my million dollars, I'd probably walk about in pants all day long!'


Mariah Carey's legs and voice


All she wants for Christmas is... to not lose her voice or injure her legs during her big-money 2016 world tour. Ahead of the South American leg, Carey took out $35 million cover for her voice (so that she could sing) and $35 million cover for her legs (so that she could dance). That's $70 million reasons for her business insurance provider to hope she had a safe tour.


Julia Roberts's smile


One thing nobody can contest: Julia Roberts is a stupendously talented actor. Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe... she's deservedly won the lot. But her beautiful smile remains a valuable part of what she brings to her work, which is why she's had it insured for $30 million. You would too, wouldn't you?


What's your business's biggest asset? Your smile? Your voice? Your ... erm ... chest? Whatever you're working with, make sure you have the right insurance cover at the right price. ($21 million may be enough for Kimmie's keister, for example, but it's probably a bit much for your laptop.) Check out our free business insurance quote comparison tool to see what's available.


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.

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