Sibongile Mafu’s Guilty-pleasure Shows to Put Your Wi-Fi to Good Use

Couple watches shocking reality tv show

Thanks to home fibre connections and streaming services, we're all watching more television now than ever before. But how do you decide what to watch when the buffet table is creaking under the weight of so much good stuff? Sibongile Mafu lets us in on the TV guilty pleasures you need to stream right now.


I have a confession to make. I've fostered an intimate (some might say 'highly dependent') relationship with my television. The endless hours of lockdown have had me – like you – tuning out the world and tuning in to new shows.


I've not only binged the contents of my fridge since lockdown struck, but also every TV show I could stream – good or bad, I love them all.


Before we dive into my must-watch recommendations, make sure you have a solid fibre internet connection to get the best out of your streaming. You shouldn't struggle with buffering problems in the middle of a Rose Ceremony. Use our tool to compare the best fibre deals available.


Reality TV, of course!


I'm a reality-show fiend. Who needs food and water when you can live on reality bites? From The Bachelorette SA (where 20 single men vie for the heart of a brilliant and beautiful South African woman) to Utatakho (where people search for biological fathers who've been out of their lives for years), hosted by Jam Alley alumni Nimrod Nkosi, I like my reality shows messy and ridiculous.


Of course I'm watching the local Love Island!


Love Island South Africa admittedly had a rocky start with editing and casting issues relating to a lack of diversity, but it has picked up momentum with a renewed focus and fresh contestants. What's not to love? A group of 20-something Saffers with six-packs and glowing tans get up to no good at a villa in the Cape Winelands. Love, of course, is on the table... along with endless tequila shots. Each episode brings new drama, as the cast constantly changes. Give me all of the drama and turmoil. My soul needs more of it. You can stream Love Island South Africa on Showmax.


New dramas have brought the heat


It's been so encouraging to see the influx of South African dramas over the last two years. There's nothing like crying over other people's problems to help you forget your own. M-Net's Still Breathing (streaming on Showmax) is one of those shows. It is about a group of friends who harbour way too many secrets, and these secrets drive a wedge between all of them. It is a show about the big things and the little things that keep us disconnected from the ones we want to reach out to the most.


A similar series exploring secrets, betrayal and infatuation is the smash hit Blood & Water on Netflix. The local production, cast and crew included, will have you hooked after the second episode. And the best news is that another season has been confirmed.


Local is baie lekker


Soapies will outlive us all. Legacy is a local soap that premiered during lockdown and gathered many fans along the way. The show, which features former Isidingo favourites Cherel de Villiers and Barker Haines (Michelle Botes and Robert Whitehead respectively and respectfully), centres around a wealthy family that loses its patriarch under dubious circumstances, and the fallout that follows.


So once you've made sure that your home fibre is up to scratch (and not costing you more than it should)... happy watching!


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.

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