The costs of a newborn’s first weeks

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We know it costs a lot of money to have a baby, but have you ever wondered just how much? looked at multiple stores and took the average prices of the most common essential baby items. Make sure you're sitting down before you continue reading!






Disposable nappies - R1,400.


Newborns stay in newborn nappies between one-and-a-half months and three months. They go through around 12 per day, so you'll need roughly 500 for the first six weeks.


Cloth nappies - R5,000 for 20 all-in-one cloth nappies.


You'll need between 20 and 30 cloth nappies to keep up with the laundry. Each costs around R250 for the most convenient, all-in-one style.


Nappy bag - R300.


When you leave the house while your child is in nappies, you'll need a nappy bag.


Nappy cream - R35 per tube.




You may plan to breastfeed exclusively, use formula exclusively, or transition from one to the other. These are the basics you'll want on-hand to make sure you can feed your newborn.


Bottles and nipples - R680 for four bottles and nipples.


Bottles and nipples come in multiple sizes, shapes, and materials. We looked at standard BPA-free plastic bottles with silicone nipples.


Formula - R900 for the first six weeks.


Sterilising system - R240 for a microwave steriliser.


Bottle brush - R65.


Burp cloths - R160 for six.


Bibs - R300 for six.


The number required depends on the baby's age and stage of development but six could be sufficient if you do the clothes washing regularly.


Feeding bras - R750 for three.


Breast pumps


Manual - R300.


Electronic - R1500.


Milk storage - R100 for four storage pots.


Nursing pillow - R300.


Nipple cream - R100.


Nipple pads - R110 for a pack of 50 disposables.




Crib - R2,000.


Mattress - R250.


Compactum - R1,500.


(a changing table with a baby bath and storage space


Bedding and blankets


R240 for three fitted sheets.


R240 for three blankets.


R260 for two mattress protectors.


Baby monitor - R700 for a sound-only monitor.




Because newborns outgrow clothing very quickly, you may need fewer newborn sizes than you'd expect, although this is still a lot of money.


R500 for seven babygrows.


R180 for three t-shirts.


R280 for three pairs of pants.


R60 for two hats.


R100 for five pairs of socks.


R240 for four sleepsuits.


R200 for two jerseys.


R80 for two pairs of booties.




Grooming set


R80 for a four-piece set that includes a comb, brush, nail clippers, and a nasal aspirator.


Bathing supplies


R140 for a set of baby soap, shampoo, oil, powder, and lotion.


R16 for a 100ml tub of petroleum jelly.


Baby wipes - R130 for a bulk pack of 384 wipes.


Bathtub - R150.


Washcloths - R90 for a pack of four.




Pram - R2,500 for a mid-range stroller.


Infant car seat and base


R1,500 for a mid-range car seat.


R900 for a car seat base.


Baby carrier - R400.


The grand total is... R24,976


This total includes the disposable and cloth nappies, and the manual and electronic breast pumps, so depending on which you use, you can subtract the other from the total. Regardless, this is an average of what you can expect to pay for the basic necessities when preparing for a newborn baby's first few weeks of life. Don't let this scare you too much! If you plan accordingly, you've got nine months to gather all of these necessities.


All the things you'll need for baby are not listed, and costs can change depending on your situation. If you need a little financial help, consider taking out a small personal loan to cover the cost of some of these items, so you're as ready as can be when your little one arrives.


Sources: Baby Center; Takealot; Mrp Home; Babylist; Ackermans; BabiesRUs;


Prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing this article. The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice.

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