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Hippo’s data shows that women between 26 and 29 years old in Gauteng are doing more quotes on Suzuki Swifts and they are paying an average of R1 409 per month on their insurance.


If you were saving R390 a month on your Swift’s insurance by using Hippo, you could be using that money to keep your sneaker game strong.


Looking slightly like a sneaker, Suzuki Swifts are everywhere. They’re incredibly nimble, immensely fun to drive and fairly affordable. Just like a good pair of kicks. And while their popularity isn’t much of a mystery, paying more for insurance on them is.


Insuring your Suzie with Hippo will save you bucks to spend on those kicks you’ve been eyeing out but your bank balance might have been denying you.


When you step out of your Swift, the first thing everyone sees is your shoes. Assumptions and judgments are being made, so you better show up correctly - and by saving with Hippo, you can.


While Hippo is a great option to consider for great insurance deals, there are so many choices you have to make when it comes to getting yourself the perfect pair of sneaks. By saving with Hippo, you can.


What Do Your Sneakers Say About You When You Step Out Of  Your Swift?


Suzuki Swift Insurance - Nike Air force 1  |

Credit:"Nike air Force 1 white on white" by HI 622 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


"I’ve watched The Defiant Ones, and see myself as the Dre of junior credit controllers at a large bank."


The Air Force 1 is a straight up hip-hop classic, from the court to the studio and beyond.




"adidas GAZELLE 01" by adifansnet is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Credit:"adidas GAZELLE 01" by adifansnet is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


"All good things come to a trend."


The Gazelle dates back to 1966 and while it started on the handball courts of Europe - not the majestic plains of Africa as the name suggests. It was quickly adopted by restless British youth counterculture from the Stone Roses to icons like Kate Moss.




"I don’t know what handball is, but I know it’s not allowed in soccer."


Another handball shoe that’s become a statement about your feet, the Spezial is blowing up around the place with style and grace.




"Comfort and style are two of my favorite things. And tending to indoor plants."


As seen on models in New York City and on dads in Ohio, the 990 is the ultimate in comfort, perfect for walking from the mall parking lot to the shops or bringing the swag to a festival, allowing you to stand in a field a lot longer than anyone else. Sometimes older dudes are right.




"I have no problem paying R145 for smashed avo on toast."


The Reebok Classic is aptly named, a timeless silhouette. Although, according to sources “if you wanna be dripped out, you’re not going to lean on a Reebok classic”, unless it's this Margeila co-lab.


You’ll have to stash away the cash you save with Hippo to rock some of these Reebok Maison Margiela sneaks. Only those in the know will understand what your vibe is. It’s a real time saver, letting peeps know how on point you are.



 "I appreciate hip-hop on a far deeper level than you appreciate hip-hop."


Michael Jordan almost signed for Adidas, but his mom made him go see Nike, a then relatively unknown company and the rest is history, all of which you can wear on your feet. From the cheesy original Jordan logo (before the iconic “Jumpman”), these have got more game than the man whose name they bear.


Even if you don’t drive a Suzuki Swift, Compare car insurance quotes to see how much you can save on your insurance with Hippo and have bucks to buy stuff you like.

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