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Hippo shakes up the insurance industry by telling consumers: YOU CAN FIND BETTER!


Remember your first heartbreak? Go on, think back... You, all snotty-nosed and red-eyed until a compassionate soul pats you on the shoulder and tells you that 'you can find better'. We bet you did. You found better because you did your research, swiped left a couple of times and, most importantly, you didn't settle for anything but the best. Good move!


The same analogy applies when it comes to insurance. You think you're getting the best deal, but then red flags start to emerge. Just because someone on TV was able to save doesn't make it true – no matter how often or how loudly they shout about it.


The only way you'll truly know if you're getting the best deal is to compare quotes from multiple top SA insurers side by side. That's where can help.


You see, we're NOT an insurance company. We just provide a comparison tool that fetches quotes from SA's top insurers (for products like Personal Loans) and presents them to you for comparison to help you make an informed decision. After that, the choice is yours.


The prices you see on our comparison tool are the same prices you'd get if you went directly to the insurers. We don't add a single cent to the quotes you get. Our job – the reason we go to work – is to help you get real value and save real money on a massive range of insurance products. We don't care which provider you pick as long as you're getting the best deal for you.


Just like there are plenty fish in the sea, there are plenty insurers out there. A few are missing from our platform, but that's their call. We encourage you to get a quote from them (if you have 40 minutes to spend on a phone call, that is). We want you to shop around because we believe that everyone wins when comparing is easy.


That's why we've made it quick and easy for you to access comparative deals on just about every type of insurance you need. We're talking Medical Aid, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Funeral Cover, Pet Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Cellphone Cover and about 30 other kinds of insurance policies and cover.


Here's how comparing with works

Let's take Car Insurance as an example. Our platform lets you compare insurance quotes from 11 different vehicle insurers for free, and in under two minutes.


You only need to enter your details once and you'll get a list of side-by-side quotes from top-tier insurers like King Price Insurance, Budget Insurance, iWYZE, Dialdirect, Pineapple, 1st for Women, Auto & General and others.


You could save up to R5 964* pa when comparing these Car Insurance brands side by side.


Comparing quotes side by side means that you can take a closer look at benefits, excesses and premiums, allowing you to 'tinker' with the excess amounts on each quote to adjust the premiums and find a fit that really suits your budget and needs.


8 out of 10 customers found better – almost R500* better – using!


Comparing helps you avoid insurance rip-offs

You can – and you should – question every 'deal' that is thrown at you. It's part of being a smart consumer looking to save money without sacrificing value (in other words: not getting ripped off).


There's a reason why we put 'deal' in quotes above. A quote that is in the insurer's best interests isn't necessarily in yours. You see, the price of an insurance quote isn't the only measure of the 'right deal' for you.


Cheap doesn't always mean better, which is why our comparison tool provides all that key information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format. We want you to have the full picture so you don't have to waste precious time considering and contacting an insurer that's not a good fit to begin with.


But all additional benefits aside, here's the most important thing: comparing insurance quotes will save you money. Simple as that. And we have the numbers to prove it. A team of independent researchers calculated how much the average person saved on Car Insurance premiums after using to compare quotes. They found that 83% of consumers who used our quick, easy platform between July and December 2021 made an average saving of R497* a month. That means 8 out of 10 customers found better – almost R500 better – using, saving over R5,000* a year!


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So, if any insurer tells you to stick with them, or that they're giving you the best deal available, even if you've been with your insurer forever, always think: I CAN FIND BETTER!


Then head to and watch as insurers fall over themselves to give you their best price. Only once you've compared their offers can you rest assured that you've done your homework and the deal that you choose is BETTER.


You Can Find Better with Hippo


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice. *Cumulative monthly savings over 12 months. Based on independent research by Kaufman Levin & Associates, 2021.

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