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Comparing insurance quotes will save you a ton of money. Don't believe us? Here are 5 964 reasons to compare Car Insurance quotes today...


We've talked a lot over the years about the benefits of comparison – in life in general, and also, especially, when it comes to choosing or renewing your insurance policies. It makes sense because by weighing up your options side by side, you're far more likely to make a smart choice that saves you money and gives you what you need at the best price.


But how much of a difference does it really make? How much money do you actually save, and what is the measurable benefit of, for example, comparing Car Insurance quotes? "Put a number to it," you asked.


So we did.


We called in a team of independent researchers, who calculated exactly how much the average person saved on their Car Insurance premiums after using to compare quotes. The magic number was...


R5 964 a year*.


Cha-ching! That's based on saving per month on the average person's current policy – selected on – compared to their previous policy. That total works out to an average of R497 a month, or R5 964 a year.


"We found that 83% of consumers who have used in the past six months (July to December 2021) have made an average saving of R497 on their car insurance premiums," says CEO Brad du Chenne, adding that while those savings numbers are impressive, the focus shouldn't be on what you could have saved last year. Rather, he says, you should consider how much you could save in the year ahead.


"Most importantly, it's what you can save in 2022 if you compare and take up new insurance in January, when many people reassess their insurance policies," he says. According to our research, 54% of South Africans compare insurance quotes when the need arises, while 30% do so once a year and just 19% do it every six months. Du Chenne suggests making insurance quote comparisons for your Car Insurance, Home Insurance and more, an annual ritual.


"Make it part of your January reboot," he suggests. "It takes two minutes, it doesn't cost you a thing, and there's absolutely no obligation on your side. And remember that if you compare quotes with today, you could be more than R5 000 richer by the end of the year!"


That's the cost of a rad big-screen TV, flights from Joburg to Cape Town for the whole family, a small investment, or contribution to your kids' school fees. However you choose to spend or reinvest it, R5 000 is a tasty sum of money.


And that's what you could save over the next 12 months if you use our Car Insurance quote comparison tool today. So what are you waiting for?


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.

* Cumulative monthly savings over 12 months. Based on independent research by Kaufman Levin & Associates, 2021.

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