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Connected South Africans have access to a wide range of streaming services. Find out which one's best for you (quiz included!).


If you have home fibre, you're almost certainly a streamer. Research published in 2022 by MyBroadband found that streaming makes up 54.8% of a typical FTTH network's bandwith, with web browsing (12.6%) and software updates (7.9%) trailing far behind.


And it's no wonder. With popular favourites like Netflix and Showmax, and lesser-known gems like BritBox or Showmax Pro, South Africans have a world of entertainment options available – some great, some awful, some awfully great.


But they come at a cost – and to make sure you're getting the best value for money you'll need to compare your options, just as you do when you compare Fibre Internet deals. So, taking VPNs and illegal streams out of the equation, here's a look at what you get for what you pay on South Africa's top streaming services.


And if you still can't decide maybe this fun quiz will point you in the right direction:



DStv Premium

Best for... everything


It's hecka expensive, and the limited concurrent streams don't help... But you cannot fault DStv for its sheer volume of movies, series and (especially) sport. It comes at a price, though, and you may be better off selecting a bouquet from the other services on this list.


Concurrent streams: one
Price per month: R839



Best for... DStv without the sport


If you don't care for sport, you're onto a winner with Showmax. Its content rivals Netflix in terms of quality, and it's considerably cheaper than the full DStv deal.


Concurrent streams: two
Price per month: R99


Showmax Pro

Best for... soccer fans with tight budgets


Is it cheap? Not compared to Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Showmax (which are still cheaper combined)... but none of those offer SuperSport's dazzling array of live Premier League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and PSL football. Showmax Pro does (plus some random boxing and athletics), and you also get Showmax's movies and series. This makes it an attractive alternative to DStv Premium.


Concurrent streams: two
Price per month: R449



Best for... bingeing


With an archive of over 5,400 movies and series, it's hard to beat Netflix for sheer bingeworthiness. There's quality to match that quantity, with the US streaming giant investing heavily in original, Oscar-nominated movies, highly rated international series (including South African content!), and plenty of stand-up comedy exclusives.


Concurrent streams: one on Basic, four on Premium
Price per month: R99 for Basic, R199 for Premium


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Apple TV Plus

Best for... people who aren't obsessed with TV


We could point to the premium original content (like Ted Lasso and For All Mankind), but there's really one thing that sets Apple TV Plus apart: the price. It costs about 10% of a monthly DStv subscription, and if you're not one to spend endless hours watching TV, then this one's for you.


Concurrent streams: six
Price per month: R84.99


Amazon Prime Video

Best for... originals


Prime Video is arguably just as good as Netflix, so why not subscribe to both? Even with the dollar exchange rate at R16, Amazon Prime Video's relatively low fee means you're paying less than R100 a month.


Concurrent streams: three
Price per month: $5.99



Best for... Brexit voters


Love UK telly? Can't live without The Vicar of Dibley? Try BritBox. It has excellent new (and old) content from the BBC and ITV, with just enough quality dramas to keep you occupied while you arrange your Diamond Jubilee commemorative crockery.


Concurrent streams: five
Price per month: R99.99



Best for... families


The new kid on South Africa's streaming block launched in May 2022, bringing with it Disney's enviable catalogue of old and new content. If you're a family with young kids, Disney Plus feels like a no-brainer.


Concurrent streams: four, with unlimited downloads across 10 devices
Price per month: R119


YouTube Premium

Best for... YouTube obsessives


A tough sell, this one. It promises no ads, offline viewing and access to YouTube Originals, but ad blockers (to an extent) and third-party sites achieve the first two, and the uneven quality suggests you can live without the third.


Concurrent streams: two, or four on the Family Plan
Price per month: R71.99, or R109.99 for the Family Plan


Add up the numbers, and you'll notice that you can get Showmax Pro plus Netflix plus Disney Plus for less than the price of DStv Premium. Or, you could get BritBox and Amazon Prime Video, and limit your daily screen time. Alternatively, you could stick with DStv and keep your monthly entertainment costs in triple digits.


Whichever you choose, you'll want a fast, reliable fibre connection for your home-viewing set-up. Use our free platform to check the coverage in your area and compare Fibre Internet deals today, so you could save even more money when it comes to the costs of streaming entertainment.


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal or medical advice.

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