History of Kudough

Launched in October 2010, Kudough Credit Solutions aimed to provide consumers with a single, comparative view of their credit standing in the South African market. Once empowered with this information Kudough would further assist these consumers in building their credit status and overall financial standing.

In meeting the needs of local consumers, over time, Kudough also identified the demand to address the financial wellness needs of employees or consumer members of large financial service providers. To this end, Kudough now services 8 large corporate and financial service provider clients.

Kudough relaunched its services in 2018 to offer consumers a complete financial wellness journey, with access to appropriate and responsible financial services and has to date served more than 380 000 South African consumers.

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Product offering

Kudough provides consumers with the most comprehensive online credit report available, a simple consolidated view, reflecting the scores of South Africa's 4 main bureaus, empowering consumers to understand, monitor, improve and protect their overall credit status.

Through its online financial wellness platform, Kudough provides an interactive web experience which includes debt management tools, to guide the consumers on their journey to powerful credit, as well as a wealth of online and call centre support.

Kudough also rewards improvements with instant savings and awards from more than 350 discount partner deals.

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Unique benefits

Credit Scores Improved

Kudough Subscribers on average improve their Credit Scores by 22 points per year.

Judgements Reduced

Judgements and Defaults against Kudough Subscribers decreased by 34.7%

Debts Reduced

On average, Kudough Subscribers reduced their debts by 21% over the last year.

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Kudough Credit Solutions is a credit bureau, registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCRCB-29)