History of business

The business was founded to solve a basic problem which is to effectively and efficiently find the highest interest rates on vanilla savings accounts in South Africa by comparing apples with apples. has been going strong for 2 years now and will be expanding into other products and tools.

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Product offering is an independent price comparison website that allows savers to compare options online to ensure they get the highest interest, based on their individual requirements.

The easy to use My Treasury optimiser offers an efficient way to find the best savings account that offers you the highest interest rate in just a few clicks.

The optimiser service is free and provides options based on a few simple questions.

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Unique benefits takes the guesswork and the hassle out of finding the highest interest rates by seamlessly compiling all relevant data and comparing the results across numerous applicable savings accounts.

The My Treasury algorithm searches over 600 different rates across nine different financial institutions to find you the best product.

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We are not out there for accolades, we just want to give people a better way to save more of their hard earned cash.

We have been featured in all major financial newspapers and websites and are part of a fintech incubator programme run by Alphacode.


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