Driving tips during the rainy season

In South Africa, there are different rainy seasons for different provinces during the year, but each province has their own hazards during these times from Polokwane to Durban, Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za the free comparison website, says, “South Africa is known for extreme cold and hot weather effects - from summer thunder and hail storms, to fog and mist, smoke from veld fires and strong winds.  An unfortunate accident on our roads can happen at any given time due to various weather related hazards.”


Arrive Alive has accident statistics available on their website to spread awareness about how dangerous our roads can be.  Not only is the upcoming festive season the most fatal time on our roads, but it also is the rainy season for most of the country, especially the busy parts such as Durban, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.



Wilson states, “We are on the road daily –Whether it’s for a business meeting, or family errands.  It’s not surprising that road accidents are the single biggest cause of death or serious injury in our country.   Having adequate insurance cover for your car and life should be seriously considered. You will be surprised at how affordable finding the right product at the right price for you can be.”


Hippo.co.za also has some tips for driving during the rainy conditions:


  • Stay within the speed limit at all times, if it is raining – slow down.
  • Don’t tailgate, especially when it’s raining – always stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front on you.  If you are the one being tailgated, don’t slam on the brakes to teach the driver a lesson.
  • Always drive with your headlights on during bad weather conditions – it will make your motor vehicle more visible.
  • Don’t assume that trucks drive like cars.  Trucks need more room to stop on dry roads, which makes it even more challenging when the roads are wet.
  • Be extra careful during the first half hour after rain begins.  Grime and oil on the road surface mix with water to make the road slippery.


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