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Beleaguerd South African residents will have to budget for additional rate increases such as an 8% increase in refuse collection, 12,19% increase in electricity costs, and 14% rise in water and sewerage in certain areas from 1 July 2015.


“Consumers will need to come up with creative ways of saving on their monthly household and utility bills,” says Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za. “There are various tools that help you save money, not just for now, but also in the long run.”


  • Filtered water bottles:
    Instead of paying for bottled water every day, switch to a filtered water bottle that filters water from any tap.


  • High efficiency shower head:
    To save on water and electricity costs, replace your showerhead with a high efficiency showerhead, which can be purchased at any hardware or home depot store.


  • Vacuum sealer:
    Invest in a vacuum sealer with reusable bags to store and preserve perishable food items for longer. This reduces cost on food as well as saves time and money by reducing your visits to the grocery store.


  • Streaming media player:
    Cancel your satellite television subscription and save on monthly costs by purchasing a streaming media player. It can be connected to your TV and allows you to stream only the programmes you wish to watch.


  • Car diagnostic tool:
    This tool provides you with useful information such as petrol usage, water coolant temperature, and your vehicles average speed. It will also display a code when your check-engine light is on, allowing you to manage costs and reduce the risk of unnecessary damage to your vehicle.


The free to use, quick and easy online comparison website, Hippo.co.za, can help consumers save time and money by comparing quotes and benefits from a range of SA car and home insurance providers and help you save hundreds of Rands per month to put towards other household bills. As an example 8 out of 10 people could save an average of R427* per month on their car insurance by comparing and switching providers at Hippo.co.za.


Established in 2007, hippo.co.za is South Africa’s leading comparison website that helps consumers save money by comparing a range of SA providers across financial products such as car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, medical and more. Hippo is free to use and saves consumers the time and hassle of shopping around for the best deal since the Hippo.co.za website instantly retrieves real-time quotes from the different providers using the latest Internet technology. At least 8 out of 10 people could save an average of R427** per month on their car insurance.


Hippo.co.za makes money by simply charging its partners a fee when a customer chooses to find out more about their products. The results consumers see, and the order in which they are presented, is in no way influenced by the fee hippo.co.za charges its partners or any other factors other than the price of the product being compared. 


For more information, visit us on www.hippo.co.za, connect with Hippo on LinkedIn, http://www.linkedin.com/company/hippo-comparative-services-pty-ltd/, like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/HippoSA, and follow us on Twitter @Hippo_co_za and YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/user/hippocompare.


Hippo Comparative Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorized financial services provider (FSP number: 16357).


*Based on a representative market research survey conducted by Kaufman Levin Associates, on behalf of Hippo.co.za. Figures as in May 2015.  Risk Profile Dependent.




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