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When it comes to getting the best deal on insurance and getting a solution that fits your needs, you have to shop around.


That’s the advice of www.hippo.co.za’s general manager Amanda Thomas.


“If you haven’t shopped around, how can you be sure that you are getting the best deal? And, if you haven’t compared the products of the different insurance providers, how will you know if there’s another solution that would better suit your needs?” she questions.


“By shopping around you can ensure that you get the most competitive insurance premiums as well as the best level of cover for your requirements,” she says.


Thomas admits that because of the size of the insurance industry, comparing insurance quotes can be time consuming and somewhat confusing.


Rather than calling insurer after insurer, you may find it helpful to visit the insurance aggregator site - www.hippo.co.za.


hippo.co.za is an innovative website that allows busy consumers to find the most competitive insurance quotes from a range of big-name insurance providers at the click of a mouse.


With hippo.co.za, consumers need only enter their details once by completing a quick online questionnaire, taking the burden of filling out lots of online forms off their shoulders. In a few minutes, “the hippo” shops around and delivers the top tailor-made premiums for comparison.


Not only does hippo.co.za deliver value-adding convenience and an enhanced online experience, but it meets the increasingly sophisticated expectations of today’s internet shopper.


Some of the features on the site are the capabilities to source:


  • Insurance quotes for up to five vehicles at once;
  • Motorbike, quadbike and scooter insurance;
  • Life insurance;
  • Home contents insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Hospital daily cash plan;
  • Protection plan for your children’s education;
  • Buildings insurance; and
  • Pet Insurance


This is a much broader offering that allows consumers to address more of their insurance needs from one point.


Other new products that consumers can source via hippo.co.za include:


  • Personal loans;
  • Flights, car hire and hotel quotes;
  • Medical Insurance quotes;
  • Vehicle Tracking quotes;
  • A Bond Solution;
  • Finding a new or used vehicle to buy;
  • Finding the best finance solution for your car;
  • Debt Solutions; and
  • Online shopping.


“The goal is to find a provider that understands your personal requirements and a solution that fits your needs. Until you have shopped around, you can’t be sure that your insurance needs are being properly serviced at the most competitive price,” concludes Thomas.

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