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Millennials graduated into tougher economic times than previous generations and it is common knowledge that they favour experiences over worldly goods. Experiences that are social media worthy; they are only enticed to look up from their smartphones if the conversation is tweet-worthy or their lunch ‘Instagramable.’ It is thus surprising how quickly a generation that only takes “yes” for an answer, says “no” to insurance.


“Because millennials favour experiences above possessions, their spending habits are quite hard to pin down. The amount of millennials that use our site to compare insurance quotes, is on the increase,” says Derek Wilson, Head of “Some interesting research conducted in the US revealed that millennials, who have incredible buying power, aren’t likely to purchase insurance from a broker. In fact, they are 50% less likely to purchase insurance from a broker than their parents.”


So if millennials aren’t making use of brokers, what do their insurance-buying habits look like? And what do they expect from companies1?


  1. Millennials live for “the now”. They basically grew up with the Internet – it is all they know. They are used to convenience and don’t want to deal with “admin”. The easier you make a process for them, the quicker they are to adopt or purchase whatever you have on offer.
  2. Millennials live in (cyber) space. This generation eats, breathes and lives on social media, so you have to grab their attention in cyber space. They don’t often ask friends or family for referrals but will do their own online research. Once they feel satisfied and comfortable with their findings, they are happy to make an online purchase.
  3. Millennials prefer the shortened version. They don’t see the point of dragged out meetings or long telephone calls with the possibility of uncomfortable questions arising. Give them a “submit” or “send” button, and you’ve got a friend for life. Well, sort of.
  4. Millennials know their stuff. You can’t fool them with last year’s pantone colours or poorly designed, outdated websites. Give them a site that makes use of the latest technology, is easy to navigate, is devoid of bells-and-whistles and does not use complicated industry lingo.
  5. Millennial are married to their mobiles. 85% of millennials own a smartphone, and one in five access the Internet solely from their phone. If your website isn’t mobile-ready and compatible, you’re missing out on the chance to reach one of society’s most affluential groups.


“It is very clear that millennials know what they want, and in their minds, there is only one place to find it,” concludes Derek. “ allows you to compare insurance quotes from a range of insurance and financial providers, thereby saving you time and money.”




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*Based on 2015 independent market research conducted by Kaufman Levin Associates.





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