Resident Takes To The Sky

For Des Pansi, champion Paraglider and De Aar resident, the sky is the limit!


This year she finished 16th overall in the South African Paragliding Cup.  She also qualified for the first leg of the Paragliding World Cup which took place in Pocos De Caldas, Brazil in March 2010 as well as the second and third legs of the World Cup in Japan and China. 


Last year Des was awarded her Protea Colours, as well as a special award from the Civil Aviation and Aero club for breaking the South African Ladies record a whopping three times. 


“I am currently involved in arranging the first ever Ladies International Paragliding competition. This event is very close to my heart as there have been requests from male pilots to replace the women's spot in the World Championships with higher ranking pilots. Our first event is scheduled to take place in Spain in August 2010.  I am positive that it will go a long way to showcase the best female pilots from across the globe,” says Pansi.


Pansi has put together a team of five female South African Paragliders, ranging from experienced to novice to up-and-coming contender. 


She is certainly doing her bit to promote this male dominated sport. 


According to Amanda Thomas, general manager of, one of Pansi’s sponsors, “Des is a force to be reckoned with – both on the ground and in the sky.  She knows what she wants and is destined to get it due to her tenacity, exceptional skill and determination.  She’s already reached great heights but for her, the sky is the limit!”

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