State of consumer budgets

President Jacob Zuma’s speech at SONA 2015 touched on issues that directly affect consumers’ pockets such as the unstable electricity grid, rising fuel prices, and rising inflation rates.


“Whilst consumers may have experienced a drop in the price of fuel over the past six months, it is expected that fuel prices will soon go up again, which will put a strain on the already stretched consumer budget,” says Derek Wilson, Head of, the price and benefits comparison website.


According to economist, Kevin Lings, there will be a reversal of the petrol price benefit in the next two months. * South Africans can expect to hear about other cost increases during the national Budget Speech on 25 February 2015.


The country’s unstable electricity grid further escalates the situation. Wilson says, “Load-shedding can affect our budgets due to irreparable power surge damage to home appliances or spoiled perishable food after a power cut.”


The South African economy, following the review by the President during SONA 2015, is in a vulnerable state, which unfortunately puts consumers in a similar state, if not worse. Consumers may need to review their budgets to identify possible ways of saving money.


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