Tips to save even more on petrol costs

Motorists have an early holiday gift this December with the petrol price decreasing by 20 cents, diesel by 32 cents and paraffin by 28 cents on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, according to


“As we continuously help consumers save money, we welcome the good news and have decided to provide tips on additional ways in which motorists could save on petrol costs,” says Derek Wilson, Head of online insurance and financial quote comparison website,


Petrol Saving Tips:


    • Decrease your driving speed — Driving 100 km/h instead of 120 km/h on the highway reduces petrol costs by 13% and it also helps you stay safer during the risky December period.


    • Reduce the use of your air conditioner — Usage could increase petrol costs by between 13% and 21%.


    • Reduce the weight load — The heavier your car, the more petrol will be consumed. Opt to store heavy parcels at home.


    • Check whether your bank is affiliated with a loyalty rewards programme and fill up at petrol stations that provide you with the highest cashback rewards.


    • Avoid idling — Instead of idling for long periods, rather switch your car off entirely if safe to do so to save on petrol costs. Idling may also be damaging to your engine and spark plugs, resulting in added repair costs.


    • Ensure that you do regular maintenance checks and repairs as issues such as dirty air filters and under-inflated tyres can increase your petrol costs.


    • Reduce travelling by replacing meetings, visits and shopping trips with teleconferences, telephone calls and online shopping where possible.

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